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The vaccinated and nose swabbed emit a Bluetooth MAC addressContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Install a ‘BLE scanner’ app on your smartphone and scan. All the …Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth MAC addresses, COVID-19 Test, COVID-19 Vaccination, Internet of Bodies2023/10/132023-10-13 20:43:48
The Lahaina Fire Massacre : A failed cover-up of land grabs, democide and directed energy weapons (Maui, Hawaii 2023)Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles Documentary A WT documentary on the Lahaina (Maui) fire massacre. Note in …Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Massacre, UN Agenda 20302023/09/052023-09-05 10:15:46
UN agenda 2030 driving force behind COVID-19Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles Intro UN agenda 2030 is a global plan designed by the ruling …COVID-19, Smart Cities, Technocracy, The Great Reset, UN Agenda 2030, Vaccination2020/09/042020-09-04 02:48:51
Biotechnological Invasion of Skin: Analysis & OverviewContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Using a USB microscope, I inspected and recorded inflamed skin of a …Biotechnology, Morgellons2023/08/082023-08-08 21:18:04
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Swab science: invasion & destructionContents Toggle CategoriesArticles [Odysee] | [BitChute] Intro Important: besides the devastating health risks of nose …Antonietta Gatti, Cotton Swab, COVID-19 Test, Flocked Swab2021/05/242021-05-24 17:29:32
World Control 101Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles Also on Odysee.com Control limits freedom, hence it is evil. Jeremy Locke, …Authoritarianism, Bye bye, controla virae [series], Control Systems, Rockefeller, Rothschild2021/01/312021-01-31 12:23:24
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The Red Wine Test: An easy method to see the microfibersContents Toggle CategoriesArticles The goal of this test is to prove the existence of biotech …Microfibers, Morgellons, Test methods & experiments2023/09/112023-09-11 16:03:59
dataasylum.com | Finding one of the most censored websites about your BioAPI and electronic harassmentContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Archives The main goal of this post is to enable you to …BioAPI, Gangstalking, Mind Control2024/01/192024-01-19 20:42:38
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Public Health England: “We hold no proof we isolated SARS-CoV-2”Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles To know a virus even exists, it has to be purely isolated. …COVID-19, COVID-19 Hoax, Fraudulent COVID-19 Science, Virus Isolation2020/08/282020-08-28 01:19:51
Biotechnological Invasion of Skin (April 2023): Full, uncut videoContents Toggle CategoriesArticles A USB microscopy report of a person with a medical condition that …Biotechnology, Morgellons, Videos2023/06/042023-06-04 09:07:12
COVID-19 “vaccine” microscopy reveals moving micro components with sharp edges, wires, ribbons and gridsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles German doctors’ microscopy live feed on September 20th, 2021 Thirty minute cut …COVID-19 Vaccination, Synthetic Biology, Vaccine Optic Microscopy2021/09/302021-09-30 09:16:52
Lockdowns vs Albert Biderman’s chart of coercionContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Lockdown (prison term) rules are a 1-on-1 match with Albert Biderman’s chart …Biderman's Chart of Coercion, Torture2020/11/242020-11-24 09:56:18
Peer-reviewed research concludes face masks are harmful to health and ineffectiveContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Harm Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis [backup]. Hypoxemia & …Face Masks, Fraudulent COVID-19 Science2020/08/132020-08-13 09:45:39
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Pfizer vaccine capable of DNA modification and introduction of hydrogel cyborg technologyContents Toggle CategoriesArticles A report of my investigation into the Pfizer vaccine based on the …COVID-19, Hydrogel, Lipid Nanoparticles, mRNA, Pfizer, Vaccination2020/12/302020-12-30 09:30:58
Microscopic black “worms” found in masks and swabs all around the worldContents Toggle CategoriesArticles YouTuber Tim Truth was the first to compile an in-depth video of …COVID-19 Test, Face Masks, Morgellons2021/04/072021-04-07 13:10:42
Rockefeller foundation described lockdown scenario in document from 2010Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles In the 2010 document Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International …COVID-19 planned / predicted, Globalists, Lock Step, Lockdown, Rockefeller2020/05/222020-05-22 17:36:17
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History of the United Nations, Rothschild Zionism and the Palestinian genocideContents Toggle CategoriesArticles It’s becoming less and less known that what we know today as …Genocide, Palestinian Genocide, Rothschild, United Nations2021/01/312021-01-31 10:54:02
COVID-19 deception in science, media & politicsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Bye bye, controla virae (chapter 1) | COVID-19 deceptionA 1 hour documentary …Bye bye, controla virae [series], COVID-19 Hoax, Face Masks, Fraudulent COVID-19 Science, Lockdown, PCR Test, Totalitarianism2020/12/122020-12-12 21:38:33
The COVID-19 vaccine will alter our DNA and contain nanoroboticsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Be aware the test could be the vaccine. Dr. Carrie Madej expresses …COVID-19, Hydrogel, mRNA, Nanobots, Transhumanism, Vaccination2020/09/032020-09-03 02:26:52
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Andrew Kaufman M.D. destroys COVID-19 narrativeContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Intro Dr. Kaufman did a great job explaining the eyebrow-raising scientific aspects …Andrew Kaufman, COVID-19, Fraudulent COVID-19 Science, Health Professionals2020/05/062020-05-06 09:19:25
COVID-19 death count is riggedContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Health institutions all over the world received protocols to count people that …COVID-19 Hoax, Health professionals against COVID-19 regulations, Scott Jensen2020/09/042020-09-04 02:42:31
Event 201Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated dilemmas associated …Bill Gates, COVID-19 planned / predicted, World Economic Forum2020/10/072020-10-07 17:26:11
La Boum April Fool’s joke festival goes haywire beautifullyContents Toggle CategoriesArticles An April Fool’s joke festival attracted thousands in defiance of the lockdown …Protest2021/04/022021-04-02 15:45:03
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Great Barrington Declaration unites doctors against COVID-19 regulationsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Another of many initiatives of health professionals sounding the alarm against lockdowns, …Health professionals against COVID-19 regulations2020/11/082020-11-08 18:48:13
Thousands of Belgian medical professionals sign to completely halt corona regulationsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles The open letter addresses harm caused by masks, social distancing and lockdowns …Face Masks, Health Professionals, Health professionals against COVID-19 regulations, Lockdown2020/10/212020-10-21 10:36:05
OSHA experts: masks don’t stop viruses and are dangerousContents Toggle CategoriesArticles OSHA stands for Occupational Safety Health Administration, and is a governmental organization …Face Masks, Fraudulent COVID-19 Science2020/11/082020-11-08 12:41:35
Dr. Erickson uses data from own health practices to conclude lockdown makes no senseContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Two doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, who own Accelerated Urgent Care …COVID-19, Dan Erickson, Health Professionals, Health professionals against COVID-19 regulations, Lockdown, Statistics2020/05/052020-05-05 10:42:42
Former Vodafone boss blows whistle on 5G & CoronavirusContents Toggle CategoriesArticles If you’re dead-set on rolling out 5G and you know people will …5G, COVID-19, Vaccination2020/04/142020-04-14 22:35:07
New York assembly bill A416: Removal from residency, forced testing and vaccinationContents Toggle CategoriesArticles We established already scientifically, COVID-19 was never proven to exist, nor to …COVID-19, Mandatory Testing, Mandatory Vaccination, Quarantine Camps, US Legislation2021/01/042021-01-04 19:45:19
UK law to retain DNA & fingerprints for coronavirus national security decisionsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles The UK government deems it necessary to store fingerprints & DNA to …Biometrics harvesting, COVID-19, Surveillance / Prison State, Technocracy, UK Legislation2020/09/122020-09-12 20:09:16
Mandatory testing & quarantine camps in New-ZealandContents Toggle CategoriesArticles All positive cases are forced to stay in quarantine centers from October …Mandatory Testing, Martial Law, New-Zealand Legislation, Quarantine Camps2020/09/252020-09-25 16:58:42
Australian COVID-19 emergency legislation: removal of children & quarantine campsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Removal of children The government appears to think that writing some stuff …Australian Legislation, COVID-19, Legislation, Lockdown, Martial Law, Quarantine Camps2020/09/032020-09-03 01:10:29
Russian lockdown creates impossible financial position for labor classContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Intro The lockdown started in Russia on 30/03/2020. From day one, the …Russia2020/04/222020-04-22 13:56:05
New UK corona laws: rights of infected analogous to holocaust Jew rightsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzJpRvSUbl4&feature=share&app=desktop Holocaust analogy Jew in the holocaust Boycott economy (Jewish businesses) Nuremberg …COVID-19, Quarantine Camps, UK Legislation2020/04/282020-04-28 21:17:13
Alberta Health Act (Canada): mandatory vaccinationContents Toggle CategoriesArticles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSlRGwTT4KkCanadian Legislation, Vaccination2020/09/142020-09-14 23:34:46
Quarantine camps in legislation of The NetherlandsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles “There is 24-hour surveillance of the site and property, to prevent entry …COVID-19, Legislation, Quarantine Camps, The Netherlands Legislation2020/09/032020-09-03 12:43:56
German doctors’ microscopy of Pfizer vaccine and blood from patientsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Doctors Bärbel Ghitalla and Axel Bolland investigate the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and …Blood Clots, COVID-19 Vaccination, Metals, Micro Tech, Vaccine Optic Microscopy, Videos2021/09/112021-09-11 11:26:44
Unmask the childrenContents Toggle CategoriesArticles On mobile there’s an issue in full screen, the video is zoomed …Face Masks, Morgellons disease, Videos2021/04/052021-04-05 23:56:52
Monopoly – Total Picture of The Great ResetContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Tim Gielen showcases how all large corporations, in many cases vital for …Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset, UN Agenda 2030, Videos, World Economic Forum2021/04/102021-04-10 11:40:58
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Rik Mayall – One by OneContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Cut A compilation of “the though talks” preluded by a video snippet …Entertainment, Videos2020/11/292020-11-29 20:42:28
The real reasons behind UN Agenda 2030Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles Rosa Koiree and James Corbett on UN Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). …Informative, SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, UN Agenda 2030, Videos2020/09/272020-09-27 00:27:39
The Global Elite & the Coronavirus Coup D’état with Patrick WoodContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Spiro Skouras and Patrick Wood on how coronavirus is used as a …COVID-19, Informative, SDGs, Technocracy, Transhumanism, UN Agenda 2030, Videos2020/09/272020-09-27 00:23:00
Bill Gates funds global vaccination programsContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Gates’ numerous donations supporting global vaccination programs.Bill Gates, Informative, Vaccination, Videos2021/01/232021-01-23 15:21:09
Tanzanian president John Magufuli proved the PCR test was bogus early onContents Toggle CategoriesArticles [BitChute] The exact time of recording of this video isn’t clear but …COVID-19 Hoax, COVID-19 Test, PCR Test, Videos2021/07/092021-07-09 00:46:36
Steve Hughes: While It’s Still LegalContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Live show recording from Metro Theatre during the Sydney Comedy Festival in …Comedy, Videos2021/03/222021-03-22 07:51:13
The Only Way to Get a Virus is to be Injected With itContents Toggle CategoriesArticles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZjvgHdAD5MAajonus Vonderplanitz, Germ Theory, Informative, Terrain Theory, Vaccination, Videos, Virus Deception2020/10/082020-10-08 22:46:15
Tom Barnett – Viruses do not existContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Tom Barnett kicks in the door for people that are new to …Germ Theory, Informative, Terrain Theory, Tom Barnett, Vaccination, Videos, Virus Deception2020/10/082020-10-08 22:36:16
The viral David Icke interview on London RealContents Toggle CategoriesArticles The lockdown made a large part of conspiracy theories real. It makes …5G, COVID-19, NWO, Vaccination2020/05/032020-05-03 01:33:34
Kary MullisContents Toggle CategoriesArticles For a study Mullis was working on at the time, he wanted …Informative, Science, Videos2021/02/252021-02-25 18:16:33
The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World OrderContents Toggle CategoriesArticles Spiro Skouras on WEF’s The Great Reset & The 4th Industrial Revolution. …Fourth Industrial Revolution, Informative, Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset, Transhumanism, Videos, World Economic Forum2020/09/262020-09-26 23:21:24
Meet Bill GatesContents Toggle CategoriesArticles James Corbett’s four parts investigation on Bill Gates in one video. [BitChute]Bill Gates, Eugenics, Informative, Vaccination, Videos2020/09/302020-09-30 15:23:54
The Persecution of the Uyghurs in China – a window into our future?Contents Toggle CategoriesArticles The atrocities in East Turkistan transcend racism, economics and even China. There’s …Censored, YouTube2021/01/092021-01-09 16:45:42


  1. Great site. The fact you had nothing on 9/11 made me sceptical at first but when I saw your articles by Gatti and Mullis I knew you were on the side of the angels. Many people who are fully ‘awake as opposed to ‘woke’ came to their perception of the world via the apprenticeship of 9/11 Truth.

    I suggest it is imperative for your own credibility you include these important links to your site. Firstly the 9/11 Quiz .

    My favourite documentary on 9/11 which I reccommend to ‘Normies’ is Massimo Mazzucco’s classic ‘9/11 The New Pearl Harbour’.

    If they baulk at the idea, convinced that they already know all they need on the subject, I bully them into taking Massimo’s ‘9/11 Quiz”. Only 23 questions but most ‘Normies’ struggle to get more than 5 right. I read all I could on the subject for a year but only got 19/23 when I took it. It teaches humility – the pre-requisite to wisdom, in order to make Americans understand their own government and media lies to them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lH0V0J5iDI.

    And 2nd ‘The New Pearl Harbor’ to Educate them to real history.https://rumble.com/v12urxr-september-11-the-new-pearl-harbor.html

    • Indeed, 911 history has great awakening potential.
      I have Judy Wood’s work in the documentaries, and on Odysee I recently uploaded Zeitgeist which covers 911 as well.
      That Patriot Act and loss of rights is an important consequence of 911, airport security screening TSA and of course, war.
      Thanks for the links, appreciated.

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