Biotechnological Invasion of Skin: Analysis & Overview

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Using a USB microscope, I inspected and recorded inflamed skin of a person who did not take any COVID-19 injections, around April 2023. What we found was shocking, several constructs of biotechnological origin.

After the inflamed skin sessions, the video continues with historical context and an overview of other invasive biotechnologies from the last two decades, reported under the banner Morgellons.

Finally, I analyze and comment on the red wine spit test, an easy method for anyone to see the microfibers.

Here is the uncut version of the inflamed skin sessions.

Images and context

A transparent fiber making a T-split with a blue hue "lens" inside the junction point. It's biotechnology. There are no natural hairs in this picture.
X-shaped transparent fiber construct, with four anchor points ("legs") in the skin.
Skin infested with synthetic, white, transparent fibers. Yellow highlights added under each fiber for easier tracking.
A rectangular component that has its top-right corner hooked up to the white fiber network. Is this a battery?

Compilation of the four images discussed above.

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