Swab science: invasion & destruction

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Important: besides the devastating health risks of nose swabs, know a nose swab can be used to vaccinate. Looking at the completely clandestine nature of the scamdemic, careful consideration is recommended before doing a test.

Besides the by now well known culprit of ethylene oxide (EO, EtO) being used to sterilize swabs, which is a highly carcinogenic agent, and the obvious disturbance inside the nasal cavity due to swabbing, there’s a lot more disturbing information in regard to swabs.


Italian scientist Antonietta Gatti shows electron microscopy pictures from swabs and an analysis of the chemical components. Harmful chemicals were found like aluminium, zirconium, glass fiber and silver nanoparticles.

She concludes the flocked swabs are designed so the needles break off in the nasal cavity slime (mucosa) where they stay and cause all kinds of health damage.

UK doctor T demonstrates 100x microscopy pictures and video. She found strange structures on needle heads of the flocked swabs. She also recorded a moving transparent blob on a mask which disappeared into the glue of the mask.

Finally, Tim Truth covers the mysterious Slovakian study which states the swab needles are hollow and filled with hydrogel. The scientist shows pictures of hydrogel growing in saliva in vitro, where it formed fractal shapes making them convinced the structures serve as fractal antennas.

The PDF is mysterious because for all I know, it was originally posted on golokaproject.org, a new age website. The scientists allegedly work in a hospital in Bratislava. Yet, the PDF presents the most detailed electron microscopy to date while pointing directly to the little understood subject of hydrogel.

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  1. Thanks for the video! Some thoughts I had while watching:

    The traces of Al, Fe and Cr in the *cotton* swab can be explained as traces left by the industrial (mechanical) machinery used to make the cotton swabs. Aluminium and stainless are commonly used in machinery, especially for food or medical uses. The aluminium alloys are very often almost pure aluminium, while stainless steel has a lot of iron (Fe) and contains relatively large amounts of chromium (Cr).

    They supposedly add saliva of a person that “overcame” covid-19. Now as you probably know Covid is a completely made up disease. (PCR test searching for an RNA strand made by a computer model. PCR test cannot discover disease, only a molecule. Covid has never been isolated. No studies show that “virus”-particles can act like an infectious disease. Symptoms of “covid” can be anything. Etc.) If it’s true that it doesn’t exist, wtf are they even refering to here?

    Then some thoughts on the paper about the hollowed out test swab fibres with “darpa hydrogel”:
    * don’t explain where they got the term Darpa Hydrogel from, or at least why it’s applicable here. They mention that hydrogel is used in the controlling of an insect brain. However, the source does not mention anything about hydrogel at all. In fact it looks like they use some kind of bio-compatible metallic electrodes, that are physically pushed into the larva stage of the beetle.
    * don’t explain what crystalization process is used. Do they dry the saliva? Do they just wait and observe without any water evaporating? If it is dried out it might still prove that there are chemicals dissolved in the test swabs as the crystal structure it creates is supposedly different from just the dried saliva. (Although I find this a little contradictive, as the saliva on its own also creates a pretty rectangular crystal structure.)
    * randomly mention lithium, without any explanation. Did they do some kind of analysis? (In that respect I find the start of the video much more believable, as they show with a spectrum analysis that the test swabs contain zirconium for example.)

    The points above make my alarm bells go off a little. However, it’s still an interesting document, one that I shared myself as well.

    • Thank you for your valuable input. It’s enlightening to discover aluminium originates from the production machines, yet aluminium is on the swabs and I think it will have detrimental health effects.

      I fully agree on your skepticism in regard to the Slovakian PDF and that information should be processed with high scrutiny.

      Things that bothered me were:

      – the close-up of the swab head looks more like artwork than an original picture. The hook seems accentuated and following the right part of the needle to the bottom, the line just stops as if removed by a Photoshop brush.
      – the first image of hydrogel crosses in saliva has the weird horizontal screen lines, as with other images, yet in the upper part it’s less and again looks like some clean up work was done there with a Photoshop brush.

      The PDF has value though, it proposes a theory which is possible, that needles are a delivery system, for hydrogel or otherwise.

      We also saw bubbles in dr T’s microscopy but the topic of hydrogel, at least for me, still has a cloud of mystery and uncertainty around it but because it’s potentially so dangerous, to humanity at large, I presented it for further scrutiny of readers and viewers.

  2. Does anyone know how to detox your pineal gland after this hacking? I took tests several times and I definitely feel the effects of the crystallization happening for real

    • Some people recommend injecting EDTA to chelate out the materials.
      I find that risky because, where are you going to get trustworthy EDTA, from pharma?
      Injecting anything is always high risk.

      Another method is anti-nano devices. For that route, search for Tony Pantelleresco and Firemedic8 (FM8).
      I don’t have experience with anti-nano devices myself, therefor I felt reluctant to write about them.

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