Research tools


All information should be available to every human being on the planet. Unfortunately, our societal systems are driven by money, reflected by copyrights, patents etc.

The blocking of information is a hindrance to our growth and in matters where information could save lives, it’s a crime. The tools in this page enable you to access information anyway and it’s for you to consider the risks.


Libgen is a search engine for books, scientific studies, documents… You’ll find almost anything that’s in written format here for free.

Due to copyright matters, Libgen is likely illegal in your country and chances are you won’t even be able to visit the website using your normal browser.

You can reach it however when you use Tor browser, which also makes your browsing anonymous. After downloading and installing Tor browser, you can surf to or

Once you find what you want, click a mirror.
After clicking on the mirror (previous picture), you can download the document by clicking GET.


You can download video copies, pirated software, made available for download as torrents.

You can find torrents on e.g. The Pirate Bay, but there are many other torrent search engines. The Pirate Bay is infamous and hunted down which is why they regularly disappear and pop up under a different name. To find the latest URL to access the platform, there are lists with TPB proxies, just search the web for “pirate proxy”.

To actually download a torrent, you need torrent downloader software like µTorrent but here too, there are many others.

Note, in many countries this is illegal so you might need to anonymize your activities with a VPN and Tor browser.

TinEye is a website that allows you to track the origins of a picture or photo.