Countering censorship

Download videos

Relevant videos are removed all the time so if you find a video that shows potential for great impact (in any area), download it and upload it to a platform that doesn’t censor.

Video downloaders



BitChute has downloaders for seemingly all video platforms.

Record your screen

If all else fails, you can record your screen directly.

On a PC or laptop you can use open-source (free) software like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). To get up and running with OBS, watch a tutorial on YouTube.

Smartphones often have a built-in screen recorder.
If not, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a free app that can do the same.

Edit your own videos

Sometimes you find great content, but the creator mixed in opinions or shenanigans that will repel away your audience. Or you want to put different videos together.

In those scenarios, learn to edit videos yourself! Basic video editing like pasting videos together is not so hard, even for novices. You can pick up the skills you need from tutorials on YouTube.

I recommend Da Vinci Resolve. It’s free and professional grade.

Censorship-free video platforms

Keep in mind that even if these platforms don’t censor now, they might do so later so keeping backups offline is the wise thing to do.

Backup websites

You can create snapshots of websites using online tools like and

A pro is the website can be viewed publicly by any internet user.
A con is the platform might delete it for whatever reason.

You can also save a website on your hard drive using your browser. In Firefox for example, you can right click anywhere in the page and choose ‘Save as’ from the context menu.

Finding information

Relevant information comes from independent media channels, independent researchers, critical thinkers, whistleblowers in their occupational field and concerned people. Follow them on social media, their video channels or websites, or even better, in real life!

Censored videos you’ll find only on censor free platforms like BitChute, BrandNewTube, and the likes.

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