The dimming owner Dane Wigington presents one of the most extensive documentaries on the topic of geoengineering or solar radiation management or chemtrails and HAARP.


Dominion shows the reality of factory farming, following along animals into the slaughterhouse up to the moment of their death.

Run from the cure

Rick Simpson's documentary about how he cured his own cancer with concentrated cannabis oil, how to produce it and the conflict with the Canadian government.

The end of all evil

Essential views on evil, freedom, authority, order followers, obedience, tyranny and more.

The most dangerous superstition

Authority is an illusion. Believe in authority/government by the masses is one of the biggest obstacles to humanity being free.

The fourth phase of water

Dr. Gerald Pollack talks about a 4th phase of water with great potential in water purification and free energy.


TrustWHO points out conflicts of interest in, and ill advise from, the World Health Organization

Natural Law

The 8h lecture on Natural Law by Mark Passio.


Thrive explains the omnipresence of torus fields in the universe.

Resonance: beings of frequency

A deeper look into the history and science of wireless technology, while providing context of electromagnetic radiation in biological systems.


Zeitgeist investigates mainstream religions, the monetary system, 9/11 and more.