The Mayan calendar harbors knowledge about the evolution of consciousness

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Ian Xel Lungold.


The Mayans had knowledge about the universe & consciousness that blows our current knowledge out of the water.

The ancient calendar maps fixed cycli of consciousnesses that build on each other, exposing a clockwork dynamic of evolution on earth.

For example, the cellular consciousness cycle started millions of years ago and is still active today. Meaning, the first cell division happened at the start of that cyclus.

Another such cycle was the tribal consciousness cycle that started after the cellular cycle and is also ongoing today, and so on.

The final cyclus is the cyclus of universal consciousness, indicating man from then on knows his or her place in the universe.

The Mayan calendar “ended” in 2012, which caused those in the know to think the world would end in the time span running up to 2012.

Obviously that didn’t happen. Yet, we are left with interesting questions.

How did the Mayans acquire this knowledge?

Can we say we have universal consciousness today?

Ian Lungold in a 3 hour lecture on the Mayan calendar.

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