Identifying censorship

Subjects that will get you censored

  • Criticism on COVID-19: fraudulent science, harmful rules…
  • Vaccine safety concerns
  • 5G dangers & correlations with covid outbreaks
  • Initiatives that bring people together (squash protests)

Mainstream media

The global mainstream media (MSM) are now propaganda channels for authoritarian governments and the oligarchs. Their propaganda is designed to keep people in fear, to communicate the government’s regulations and to create division in the population (focus on racial conflicts, left-right etc.).

The “medical experts” that get airtime are scripted puppets, paid to enforce the ludicrous narrative that there’s a pandemic and regulations are necessary.

Criticizing experts don’t get airtime.

Internet censorship


Google’s search results steer the masses to the mainstream narrative. Finding truthful information via Google has become increasingly difficult over the past years, climaxing during COVID-19.


  • blocks posts or the act of posting (fact checkers).
  • removes posts & videos.
  • puts warnings from fact checkers, scaring away questioning minds.
  • bans users completely for weeks, months or indefinitely: “Facebook jail”.
  • removes likes making you appear unpopular or irrelevant.
  • blocks post authors to respond to comments.
  • hides comments so the author seems unresponsive.
  • shadow bans: your posts are only visible to a small subset of your friends. This creates “echo chambers” that don’t reach the people that are new to the information.
  • renders the user experience slow and unresponsive for beacons of relevant information.


  • removes all videos that chop away at the mainstream narrative.
  • removes complete channels without warning. Channels with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers have been removed without warning.


  • has removed videos.


  • puts warnings on relevant information.


BitChute in my experience is censorship-free though I encountered other users that complain about videos being deleted and difficulties uploading new videos.

Fact checkers

Fact checkers are paid disinformation agents and a significant force in information suppression, hiding behind an unwarranted air of legitimacy.

The fact check warnings (on posts, videos…) are unfortunately very effective in scaring away novel, curious souls that aren’t aware of disinformation operations.

Paid disinformation agents

There are organizations paid solely to influence and redirect opinions in the direction of the paying client. Fact checkers are one of many that fall under this category.

They’ll flood a comment section in favor of the official narrative, drowning out critical voices, while onlookers get the impression the vast majority is on board with the official narrative from seemingly many unrelated commenters.

They’ll group attack critical voices with ridicule, manipulation tactics and even corrupted scientific expertise.

This should not discourage you to throw truth bombs in comment sections of MSM and public groups. Just realize when seemingly everybody is against you, it might just be you’re targeted by disinformation agents, which is a good sign.

Think about the silent, curious ones. They’re looking for information.
Make sure they find it in the tracks of your battles.

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