James Corbett

Independent journalist with almost 20 years of aware reporting on his record, available for free on his website.

Spiro Skouras (guest writer)

Ice Age Farmer

Christian Westbrook reports on how the United Nations, Gates etc. are taking control of all aspects of food production via monopolization and attacking people’s freedom to produce food themselves through legislation. On his website you find information about growing food.

Computing Forever

The channel of Dave Cullen, a critical thinker and eloquent vlogger from Ireland.

Ron Vaillant

A street wise Christian and political activist sounding the alarm on UN agenda 2030, the Vatican, vaccines and more.

Tim Truth

A young vlog reporter who covers protests extensively, police state attacks and eerie findings regarding to tests and swabs.

Black Box TV

The best Dutch interviewer hands-down in spoken Dutch.

Harry vox

An old school independent journalist from New York who is extremely knowledgeable and outspoken about the Zionist connection to criminal governments and organizations.

Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree produced the movie Vaxxed and kept raising awareness around vaccine dangers. He hosts an independent TV show with a team of like-minded in a professioanl studio. They specialize on subjects like vaccines, vaccine regulation and other health topics.

Max Igan

An old school truth seeker with open mind and sharp analyses.

Black Pigeon

Off Guardian