In this world, there are many lies, deceptions and manipulations from the media, government, industries, scientific dogma, education…, basically from anyone that chooses money and fame above doing the right thing or those that are plain evil.

The truth is important for us as a species to get out of this mess. It’s not an easy task to weed through the bullshit. Wickedtruths.org wants to propel you forward in obtaining more truthful knowledge.

I don’t claim to have complete knowledge of what is true and what is not, nor do I claim to be free of error. I do claim to write and collect information that I think to be truthful and important to the best of my abilities. As with all information, your critical thought is required.

Speak truth where ever you go. It’s needed now more than ever. Also, your errors will be revealed quicker so you can integrate real knowledge quicker. The more truthful your knowledge is, the better you’ll be able to navigate the waters of life.

If all people carried inside of them enough truthful knowledge to see through the numerous deceptions out there, the world would turn to a better place in the blink of an eye.

Don’t underestimate the ripple effect in social networks: it’s possible that your word travels the whole world through your network of friends and friends-of-friends. Let that word be the truth which sets us free.

Mark Passio's take on what truth is. [BitChute]