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I walk through this article in the video Transhumanism Agenda Explained by WT.


The transhumanism agenda is a plan that seeks to transform all people into cyborgs. The plan is in operation now, and has been for at least 25 years.

A cyborg is a life form that has technology integrated with its biology. Note, the agenda actually spans all life forms and resources. It was a choice to focus only on people in this article.

That might sound dramatic and unlikely, as hardly anyone noticed anything, yet it’s still true. The reason nobody notices it, is because it happens slowly, and it goes down in the micro and nano scale, invisible to the naked eye.

Reminiscent of the Borg from Star Trek (1989), I found micro fibers and tubes in skin, part of a biotechnological architecture.

Screenshot from WikiPedia with Borg captain Kirk on the right.

Star Trek script writers seemingly portrayed a caricature of present day microscopy.

A first look at fiber biotech

Report 1: Inflamed skin behind ear

Here is a picture of the most advanced synthetic fiber construct I ever saw in my research. I consider it a version 2.0 in the realm of fiber tech observations.

A transparent fiber making a T-split with a blue emerald “lens” inside the junction point.

Recorded with a USB microscope during an inspection of inflamed skin behind the ear in April 2023. In this case, inflammation was the result of an acute, more violent, biotech attack, contrary to its usual operating mode of staying under the radar.

Definitely check out the rest of that report, Biotechnological Invasion of Skin: Analysis & Overview.

Report 2: The red wine test

The red wine test is an easy, cheap, yet powerful test, that exposes the biotech microfibers, accessible to anyone who wants to get real.

Rinse your mouth with red wine for a minute, spit it out in a dish and BOOM, microfibers. All clumped together and stained red, making them visible to the naked eye. Read more about the the red wine test.

Setting a baseline

Transhumanism research takes us to weird places. The mind objects, and we quickly find ourselves wondering, is this even real? Especially when looking at research from others. I’m no exception to that phase.

Doing the microscopy, one finds all sorts of outlandish synthetic biology constructs. As I observed such myself, I know for a fact this is real.

That’s my baseline.

You will have a baseline too, if you chose to pursue these topics hands-on, for example by repeating report 1 & 2. Don’t let anybody tell you not to believe your own eyes.

Info wars

Transhumanism is an interdisciplinary, industrial operation that requires deployment of materials, and that deployment is being covered up. All facets and layers of this agenda are heavily gated, understandably once you realize, this IS their end game.

The cover-up involves people and organizations with perceived status, that deny, reject, ridicule, attack and demonize relevant subjects and views. As such, criminals shape the Overton window, which results in people shutting down, or flip to attack mode, when such a subject is mentioned.

Often a single word is enough, a trigger word. Much like the command of a hypnotist.

Cognitive dissonance is another major issue today, as it has always been. Confronted with a truth that exposes the sheer wickedness of this world, it’s often our own mind that poses the biggest hurdle.

Armed with this awareness, I’ve done my due diligence to decrease the ‘tap out’ rate, as we will touch several loaded subjects, trigger words included.

Buckle up.
We’re going to plow through, honey badger style.


How could you successfully distribute biotech materials to all?

That’s easy if you are a psycho. You saturate the sky with it. In fancy words, atmospheric aerosol injections. The trigger word that describes that activity is chemtrails.

A summarized timeline of the transhumanism agenda.

1995 – Aerosol spraying: Planes started spraying the sky with aerosols (chemtrails). People often harp on geoengineering, though those are chemtrails for weather modification. Chemtrails for transhumanism in correct scientific terms would be, bioengineering aerosols.

Chemtrails disease X, transforming people into mutants, X-men.

1998 – Carnicom Institute: Independent researcher Clifford Carnicom studied chemtrails and Morgellons disease, and founded the Carnicom Institute. His research is available online at

2000 – Morgellons disease: Reports exploded in the U.S. of people with a novel skin condition, coined Morgellons disease (MD). People suffering from MD had synthetic fibers forming under their skin, which on their way out created lesions. The consensus amongst MD victims and researchers was and still is, that chemtrails are the root cause for MD.

2004 – Mainstream media coverage of MD: The mainstream media had to report on Morgellons disease after a U.S. baseball player, Billy Koch, went public with the story of his wife who fell victim to MD. It looks suspicious when everybody is talking about something, except the lamestream media…

2010 – Mainstream science confirms MD: After a decade of denial, gaslighting and ridicule, a mainstream science paper admitted Morgellons disease is real. A paper that provided a bare minimum of information, and could be considered as disinformation by omission.

2021 – Covid-19: Injections and nasal swabs served as vehicles to get the newest biotech inside people. Masks were laced with MD biotech fibers (familiar, yet upgraded technology).

2021 – 2023:

White Calamari blood clots: Coroners and surgeons find white, rubber-like linings along the interior walls of arteries and veins, that block the flow of blood.

Magnetic people: Reports flooded the internet of people with magnetic bodies, especially at the injection site in the arm. Moreover, magnetism and magnetic particles popped up in the environment and consumer products. Examples include rain water, bottled water, pills and packaged meats.

Bluetooth people: The notion some people emit a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal that can be observed as a MAC address with a BLE scanner app on a smartphone.

I work with the hypothesis that Covid injection fluids, nasal swabs and dental anesthetics are responsible for people emitting Bluetooth MAC addresses, because microscopists reported rectangular, microchip-like objects in those products.

The Bluetooth Low Energy internet of bodies (IoB).

Dental anesthetics biotech: Researchers present microscopy of dental anesthetics with self-assembling, crystalline microchips, much like those observed in Covid injections.

Two eras

The division of eras is useful to differentiate between old and new biotech deployments and observations.

You see, as the Covid era took off, so did an influx of new microscopists, who ascribed all observations of biotech they made, to vaccines and swabs. Which is where Morgellons microscopists had to say, hold your horses. We have seen x, y and z, a long time before Covid.

This is important because it means nobody is out of hot waters, even those wise enough to have rejected Covid pharmaceuticals. Moreover, it allows researchers to track the evolution of biotech devices.

Morgellons era

The time period from 1995 to 2020, marked by aerosol spraying that caused synthetic fiber infestations in people, coined Morgellons disease. These old biotechnologies are still being deployed at the time of writing, June 2024.

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology fibers, wires and tubes of varying types, are the common denominator. Other observations include metallic looking structures, hexagons, pseudo-life forms, biomimicry and more.

Left and right: synthetic black fibers in skin. Middle: close-up of a white fiber construct.

According to Carnicom, the smallest components of the synthetic infestation, are motile spheres, circa 300 nanometers in size. He calls them cross-domain bacteria (CDB) because his research revealed they contain aspects of different life domains e.g. archaea and bacteria, which strongly suggests it is a bioengineered organism.

Carnicom observed CDB as the root cause of fiber genesis. Moreover, CDB infest and destroy red blood cells, and generate artificial proteins and polymers in the blood.

1,2: Spheres are CDBs. 3,4: CDBs working on fiber genesis.
Upper middle and right: CDBs invading red blood cells.

WT Morgellons content:

Celeste Solum synthetic biology webinars. She tackled the topic from another angle. I merged all episodes in one video of 17 hours.


We know nanoparticles are being sprayed in the sky. Next, we see Morgellons manifest. Putting one and one together indicated, these are not mere inanimate nanoparticles.

As Carnicom went the engineered biology route, others choose or stumbled upon the path of nanotechnology e.g. Jan Smith, Tony Pantalleresco and Bryan396.

Tony and Bryan collaborated a couple of years (I think), yet it was Tony who came up with prototype devices that generate pulsed magnetic fields, referred to as anti-nano devices, in an attempt to tackle and disrupt nanotechnology.

Here’s a list with nanotechnology keywords that are relevant to transhumanism in my view.

Covid era

The time period from 2020 and onward, is marked by deployments of new, even more outrageous biotechnologies in the environment, consumer products and especially pharmaceutical products. Kicked off during the largest psychological operation known to man, against man.

Pharmaceutical products that contain the most advanced biotech.

  • COVID-19 injections
  • COVID-19 nasal test swabs
  • Dental anesthetics

The “star” of the Covid shit show, has to be the microchip-like objects, found in each product listed above.

You should know, all pharmaceuticals are off the table. Put them to the test under a microscope, and watch them incubate for a few days.

Microchip-like objects

Researchers reported microchip-like objects that assemble and disassemble, seemingly at will. The materials look crystalline in early stages. In later stages a more metallic appearance can present itself.

The main material these chip-like constructs consist of, are most likely liquid crystals. Mesogens is another word that refers to the field of research that deals with smart liquid crystals.

COVID-19 injection fluid microscopy

COVID-19 nasal test swab microscopy
Microscopy of nasal swabs by Micronaut on Substack, comments by WT.
Dental anesthetics microscopy

Motile spheres

Much like CDB, also about 300 nanometers in size, there are motile spheres that navigate the blood (video), infest red blood cells, gather together and build larger technological structures.

These spheres emit different colors of light, which is why many think they’re quantum dots (QDs). Light emissions suggest these spheres communicate to each other with light. Optical communication in the higher region of Terahertz electromagnetic frequencies. However, as far as I know, QDs are not equiped for independent navigation.

Matching entities in the literature include microrobots, nanorobots, MEMS*, NEMS* and quantum dots.

*MEMS: micro-electromechanical systems
*NEMS: nano-electromechanical systems

Bubble tech

Larger spherical objects that look like air bubbles, yet are not (video), with magnetic gates in their outer rings that are able to connect with other gates. They have been recorded in microscopy of beer and injection fluids. I call them lens bots.

Another, different observation in regard to bubbles, in dental anesthetics, showcases a process of violent bubbling that precedes the formation of chip-like objects, as reported by David Nixon (video), and a commentary on it from me (video).

Bubbling process which ends with a crystalline chip-like object.
Focusing in on how tech bubbles merge.

Crystalline fractal grids

From Tony M. aka Nanoscope (Substack decommissioned).

Crystalline, fractal, rectangular grids, that can form remarkably fast. Once an unknown trigger fired, the whole view of the microscope is filled with a crystalline grid.

Video reports of crystalline grids in vaccines and swabs below.

Fibers, ribbons, shards and more

A quick listing of other observations worth mentioning.

Fibers we know from Morgellons, were are also in fluids of today’s pharmaceuticals. In vaccine fluids, sharp shards that look like glass-crystal-metal, clumps that look like crumpled aluminum foil whom people often refer to as graphene oxide flakes…

Pieces to the puzzle

The first to explain, what we are looking at exactly under the microscope, what it does, what its purpose is etc., has yet to step forward to my knowledge. Until then, we hypothesize.


It certainly seems tissues are being wired up with synthetic fibers. The video, Biologist Shows What Chemtrails Really Do – WT Comments, pulled out my heart and threw it under a bus.

Fiber tech weaving and webbing through tissues of old herbs.

That information is obviously bad news, yet we seem to be alright, in real life, right, sort of? The fiber tech hasn’t killed us. We still have free will and control over our bodies.

The most senseless purpose of fiber tech, is to just weave webs in tissues and sit there, or continue until the organism dies. Probably, that’s not the real story.

What makes more sense to me, is that fibers in tissues serve as channels for communication that uses electricity, electromagnetic radiation, light, perhaps fluids, smaller biotech devices and molecules and so on. Note, there are many different fibers and tubes, with different purposes in all likelihood.

The reasons why that makes more sense are basically, bioelectronics and biocircuitry. In plain words, they’re trying to build electronic devices on and in bodies and control them remotely with Wi-Fi-like technology, though I’m giving LED lights and Li-Fi the dirty eye evermore.


Microfibers, comparable to cables in a computer, on their own don’t do much. That would be like a computer without a chip, hence useless. And that is where the microchip-like objects come into play, which we have seen in vaccines, swabs and dental anesthetics.

I go through this hypothesis step by step in The Bluetooth LE Implant System (hypothesis).

Biocompatible wires, antennas and chips are the name of the game for internet-capable biotech devices.

Biotech bodysuit

Back in the Morgellons era, it already seemed there was an effort to colonize all bodies with technology, which translated in different biotechnologies for different body parts.

The best effort to map this out, you’ll find in Biotechnological Invasion of Skin – Analysis & Overview ( from 7m40s onward), which is where the picture below comes from.

A mind map of invasive biotechnology reports and observations.

Body parts with biotech infestations:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth
  • Intestines
  • Urinary tract
  • Blood

Looking at medical symptoms with new eyes, opens a can of worms, actually a raging dumpster fire. Allow me to clarify with a few examples of symptoms, and what the microscope revealed in regard to those symptoms.

  • Dry skin, was in reality a white, crystalline mass. A thin (bio)film covered the whole skin, with larger chunks in specific locations. Rubbing off the larger chunks could easily be mistaken as dry skin flakes.
  • Ear grease, is still ear grease, however mixed with a crystalline protein or polymer mass, and synthetic fibers. I have one picture where the “fiber” looks like a glass ice picker*, with an extremely sharp end.
  • Eye floaters could be eye floaters, but they could also be lens bots. Spherical objects with transparent centers, much like a lens, able to link up with each other in a chain of spheres with connectors in the outer rings.
  • The mouth and the red wine test, produces fibers seemingly geared towards aqueous environments. I think those colonize the gums, perhaps even teeth nerves eventually, while some migrate to the intestines.
  • One researcher investigated urine and found something that looked like an underwater plant.
  • Hairs. Some are partially taken over, some are completely taken over, while other never were organic. Fake hair. Assimilated hairs lose pigment and look a transparent white under the microscope. It really makes me wonder about grey hair in general.
Ear grease with embedded fibers (black, white), crystalline mass, and the ‘ice picker’ pointing to the right.

I think these fibers and films perform a function, and with heavy research it can be ascertained which function, if they have a function.

Sustainable man

Many never heard of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations. In short, it’s the rich telling the world they consume too much, and SDGs is their worldwide plan to push that consumption down dramatically.

I will do a play on the word “sustainable” in context of dystopian transhumanism. To be clear, none of what follows next has been publicly stated by the UN to my knowledge. It’s fictional, based on real observations, and it’s gonna get dark.

Uncovered by independent transhumanism researchers:

  • Tissues being replaced by synthetic materials
  • Spherical microbots that don’t die
  • Polymers and fibers in the blood
  • Fake red blood cells

Is it a stretch to think, after not too long, such bodies end up being the equivalent of a living, walking silicon dolls. I sincerely hope if that’s the plan, people die before they get to that stage. In case you’re wondering, I don’t support suicide.

I can imagine plastic “people” don’t need much, if any, food, water and oxygen.
Now that’s sustainable!

Remember, immortality is a core transhumanist value. Most think of that as people that want to live forever, but there’s a flip side, the one I described above, especially in the hands of pure evil.

Even the bible has verses that seem applicable.

The serpent’s pickup lines that seduced Eve to bite from the forbidden apple in the garden of Eden.

An apple has nothing in common with a tech company. It’s a reference to the fall of man. Was (bio)technology involved in the fall of man, or is it now?

Logo of Apple Inc., a technology company in silicon valley, U.S.

Snake bots & serpent tech

While looking at fiber tech, the thought certainly sprung to mind that I’m looking at robotic worms, or snakes. Snake bots!

Serpent tech is more of a biblical view on these observations, where the serpent is the devil. I can certainly agree to such wording as all of this is pure evil in my view, and needs to be destroyed.

Now you know why there is an iron snake in the featured image of this article.

Human drones

A full-blown human drone would be a person whose motor functions can be remotely controlled by another person, or machine.

Seemingly this is a goal, which covertly expresses itself in experiments involving brains that control machines and robots e.g. brain-controlled prosthetics.

A public talk from Charles Morgan directed to an audience of about 13 soldiers in 2018, expanded on the progressions in this field. He mentioned DREADDS: Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs (backup).

In the DREADDS segment, Morgan states “scientists were able to manipulate neurons of a fruit fly with light via the retina (eye)”. Uhm, does that work with humans too? Television anyone?

Way earlier in 2013, the blog talked about a Morgellons bioAPI, and how manipulation via that API manifests mentally in the target. The author stated most of this remote influence on behavior, had to do with suggestions.

After having to watch how many sheepishly went along with the 2020 – 2022 clown show, it really makes me wonder, was such a system live at that time? At the same time, I recognize that “conventional” manipulation techniques could have accomplished the same. Don’t underestimate the power of school indoctrination, media programming, social pressure and governmental coercion…

In closure of this train of thought, what about 9/11 and how many swallowed that hogwash narrative? Looking at the timeline, chemtrails started around 1995, well established around 2000 and 9/11 happened in 2001. Perhaps the Morgellons bioAPI was put to work to keep the masses asleep.

The mainstream

Now that we have an idea of what the transhumanism agenda really is, let’s have a look at transhumanism in the public domain. I figure this chapter to be somewhat of a breather with a few points of recognition.

Synonyms for transhumanism

  • Human 2.0
  • Posthumanism
  • Human augmentation
  • Biodigital convergence
  • Directed evolution
  • Internet of bodies
  • Internet of bio-nanothings
  • Human hybrids & synthetics
  • Borg genesis
  • Bionic man
  • Cyborgs
  • H+

H+Pedia’s definition of facist transhumanism describes our reality the best, in my humble opinion.

Transhumanist agendas

*Sustainable development goals


Transhumanists made grandiose and hubristic statements that basically portrayed everyone as a techno slave already, today. These performances were bizarre and sounded ludicrous, which is why many moved along thinking “these guys are crazy”.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at advanced fibers and what not, making me think there actually could be some truth to their claims. Don’t get me wrong, these spokesmen can’t be trusted and anything they say should be subjected to scrutiny.

Klaus Schwab: Founder and executive chairman of World Economic Forum (WEF).

Klaus Schwab trying to normalize everybody becoming transhuman in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Yuval Noah Harari: WEF agenda contributor.

Yuval Noah Harari trying to normalize transhumanism and a global biosurveillance state.

Transhumanist technologies

  • NBIC: Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno technologies
  • WBAN: Wireless body area network
  • Graphene-based plasmonic antennas (Terahertz communication)
  • Internet of bio-nanothings
  • Nanonetworks
  • Biosensors
  • Bio-cyber interface
  • Bioelectronics and biocircuitry
  • BMI: Brain-machine interface
  • BCI: Brain-computer interface
  • Neuralink and neural lace (Elon Musk)
  • Genetic engineering
    • Optogenetics: Read-write brain activity with light.
    • Magnetogenetics: Read-write brain activity with magnetic fields.
    • Radiogenetics: Read-write brain activity with radio frequencies (EMFs).
  • Synthetic biology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Smart dust
  • AI

Transhumanist values

Many of these values look like fantasies, however money and manpower has been thrown at such endeavors nonetheless.

  • Immortality
    • Nanorobots regenerate tissues indefinitely.
    • Transfer the mind to the cloud, the metaverse, a digital world.
    • Cryopreservation: Freeze bodies, sperm, eggs, to revive in the future.
    • Transfer the mind into a robot, clone or a bio-synthetic body.
    • Digital twin: A virtual model that represents a real person.
    • Head transplants.
  • Technocracy: A society where science and technology dictates the way everyone lives.
  • Become as gods (applies to the owners of the technocratic system).
    • Omnipresence: Be everywhere.
    • Omniscience: Know everything.
  • Digital telepathy: Communicate thoughts with technology.
  • Hive mind: Central AI controls the thoughts of everyone.
  • Merge with artificial intelligence.

Concepts worth mentioning

Conductive polymers and the cyborg rose

Conductive polymers are useful for building electrical circuits in tissues.

What would happen to us, if that was in our drinking water?
Is this concept what the fiber tech is about?

Electrodes in the brain to control body and mind

The key point here is, if one can get electrodes into a brain, and send electric charges through those electrodes remotely, invasive brain control is possible.

Elon Musk’s original Neuralink presentation.
Jose Delgado and mind control.

The videos above were released to the public to convey a message the masses were allowed to receive. I assume to normalize transhumanism, drop by drop.

Meanwhile, conductive fiber tech is ubiquitous in the environment. We found a synthetic fiber inside the bone of a chicken. If that is possible, I recon fiber tech, read Neuralink electrodes, could already be in our brains.

Who is doing brain autopsies with a microscope? That certainly would be interesting. Don’t forget to bring along something (iodine?) to stain the specimen, to reveal synthetic fibers, especially the white transparent ones.

Plausible deniability in scientific literature

The good Samaritan

Besides the fact more advanced biotech has already been deployed in the Morgellons era, there’s a bucket load of scientific literature that pertains to transhumanism, though that’s never said so directly.

Papers talk in euphemisms and carefully selected language, so there’s always something to hide behind.

Scientists supposedly always want to “help people”, especially the disabled. You’ll encounter such narratives ad nauseum in intros and abstracts.

However, that research cohencidentally perfectly suits techno enslavement as well.

Swap-out science

The best example to illustrate swap-out science, wearables. A well-known example of a wearable is a smartwatch. Other, less known wearables, yet presented in the public domain, include electronic tattoos and ingestable pills.

People agree to work on surveillance tech like a smartwatch, which has wireless capabilities, body monitoring capabilities. No foul can be ascribed to anyone. Don’t buy one if you disagree.

However, that know-how, software and wireless infrastructure, can be reused for nefarious ends. In a climate where big tech violates privacy without scruples, do you think the industry would unleash undetectable wearbles on the world? I think they would, and that they have.

With this example, I wanted to illustrate how good people can end up doing work for nefarious ends unknowingly. That said, I think there are plenty of people who know damn well what they’re a part of, and prefer money above morality.


An abbreviation for Wireless Body Area Network, and a topic with abundant scientific literature where the points of this chapter definitely apply. WBAN literature has built-in plausible deniability. But first, what is a WBAN?

A WBAN is a wireless network, kind of like Wi-Fi, that involves wireless biosensors inside the body, that signal data of bodily processes to other devices, which eventually funnel that data to the internet.

WBAN papers tell us foremost, that research is actually happening. However, the papers never mention if, when, where and how people got these biosensors in their body.

Smart dust, Morgellons, vaccines and swabs, give us a clue where these biosensors could be coming from.

What can we do?

  • Do not inject yourself with anything.
  • Do not let anyone nasal swab you.
  • Don’t consume pharmaceuticals. Many are laced with biotech.
    Do microscopy and tests before using them, if you really have to.
  • No tap water for drinking and cooking.
    Rain water and distilled water is better, yet not perfect either.
  • Food from the garden or organic farmers.
  • Whole foods. No processed, genetically modified, sprayed, packaged foods.
  • Stop chemtrails.
  • Do independent scientific research on biotech in our environment and bodies, report on it, talk about it. Expect confrontation and friction with people.
  • Support authentic researchers,
    • who research the nature of the biotech assaults.
    • who search for solutions for the biotech assaults.
  • Protect authentic researchers, their buildings and tools.
    • Sabotage from government and clandestine groups is to be expected.
    • Police, the legal system and the military are weaponized against populations.
  • Identify the guilty and bring them to justice.


Microscopists – Morgellons era

Microscopists – Covid era


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