The most dangerous superstition

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Larken Rose.


An audio tape of the book ‘The most dangerous superstition’ by Larken Rose.

No human being exists who has legitimate authority over another human being.
This can easily be deduced from natural law.
Hence, the believe in authority is a superstition, an illusion.

What does exist, is governments that enforce authority through violence (fines, jail).

To make things worse, people vote.
In that action, people give their consent to government having authority over them, which violates natural law in at least 2 areas:

  • You give away your free will: you are now governed.
  • You claim no self-responsibility but you let government “solve” the problems at hand.

Violating natural law has disadvantageous consequences in the physical and spiritual domain.

Humans cannot be free as long as they don’t learn this information and seize to take part in the toxic ritual that is government.


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