‘What on Earth Happened?’ & ‘The Lost History of Flat Earth’ by Ewaranon

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Ewaranon is an anonymous researcher who created a large body of work that exposes how our history of earth is an obvious and enormous lie. While watching his series, you’ll soon find you are watching an intelligent man’s life work of open-minded research.

Topics include architecture from advanced human societies, the shape of our earth, Tartaria, the mudflood, free energy, secret societies and their lies to control humanity and much more.

The presentation here respects the chronological order of Ewaranon’s publications. First ‘What On Earth Happened?’, then ‘Lost History of Flat Earth 1’, then ‘Lost History of Flat Earth 2’ and finally ‘Labyrinth of the Lost Guild’.

Ewaranon published chapters continuously on his Ewaranon Telegram channel (or Telegram Web). The first post happened on May 28, 2021. There’s also a channel on YouTube, Aewar, though I’m not sure it’s really him.

As of August 2022, Ewaranon (Aewar) popped up doing interviews on the Wooden Nickels channel e.g. A Chat with Aewar, where both apply a high level of self-criticism.

Ewaranon acknowledged he was wrong about ‘the mud flood’ and ‘impossible architectures’ in LHFE on an interview by Crrow777 around October 12, 2022.

Ewaranon & Wooden Nickels are carrying on together on Rumble as the Flip Flop Radio channel and on Rokfin as Mortarboard. Noteworthy, when I search on Rokfin for Mortarboard, nothing shows up. It seems this has to do with a change of channel name, from Conspiracy Graduates to Mortarboard.

Finally, a few thoughts on his name.
Ewaranon could be an abbreviation for ‘electronic warfare anonymous’.
Aewar on the other hand could be an abbreviation for ‘anonymous electronic warfare’. If that was the intent, he described himself well as he is an anonymous man engaging in the E-war for the minds. That said, it might just as well be mockery from the psywar division in the military. Time will tell.

The added value of this post is, all episodes are merged into one video per season with a content table. All seasons are in 1080p, full HD high quality resolution.

Note: If the Odysee player doesn’t work, which has happened once, try downloading the video from Odysee instead as a workaround, by clicking the three dots (…) and then clicking download.

What on earth happened?


00:00:00 - Part 01 - Turning Inwards
00:07:19 - Part 02 - Of Maps and Magicians
00:34:39 - Part 03 - Flattening the Curve
00:57:17 - Part 04 - Vanishing Points & the Old Clock
01:21:34 - Part 05 - The Red Shield
01:47:27 - Part 06 - Infiltration Instead of Invasion
02:11:36 - Part 07 - Eyes Wide Open
03:01:55 - Part 08 - The Looking Glass
03:59:06 - Part 09 - PANIC!
04:37:30 - Part 10 - The Energetic Earth
05:24:53 - Part 11 - The Bumblebee & the Hexagon
06:07:07 - Part 12 - Stranger than Fiction
07:04:42 - Part 13 - Down the Rabbit Hole

The Lost History of Flat Earth 1


00:00:00 - 1-1 - Questioning His-story
00:13:25 - 1-2 - A Lens Into The Past
00:38:28 - 1-3 - Inheritors Of Mud & Magnificence
01:19:19 - 1-4 - Back To The Future
02:15:38 - 1-5 - The Whispering Of The Water
03:27:28 - 1-6 - Offerus And The Alchemist
04:31:57 - 1-7 - The Known World

The Lost History of Flat Earth 2


00:00:00 - 2-1 - The Two Books of Mankind and the Quest for the Keys
01:23:27 - 2-2 - The Sun in the Church
02:35:17 - 2-3 - The Two Books of Mankind
03:39:28 - 2-4 - On the Bridge Between Light and Clarity
04:35:38 - 2-5 - Annex

The Labyrinth of the Lost Guild

This season is ongoing at the time of writing and not necessarily up-to-date. Head over to Ewaranon Telegram channel (or Telegram Web) for the latest publications.



  1. In the series What on Earth Happened, the last part #13 Down the Rabbit Hole, I wasn’t able to view. It appears to be missing. I listened to this whole series, but it ends without finishing. Did anyone else have this problem? It’s a fantastic series.

    • Hi, you are right, something went wrong.
      I noticed there are also parts with audio out of sync in that upload :S
      I have the episodes on disk though so I can fix it but I don’t know when I’ll get to it.
      If you have Telegram, you can get the episode in Ewaranon’s telegram group or you can watch it here on YouTube
      Thanks for letting me know, greets.

      Edit: I fixed it, 19/08/2023.

      • In the lost history of flat earth 1-7 , it also is cut off at the end without finishing completely. I’m very eager to finish the series 🙂

        • I compared my post to the uploads on Ewaranon’s telegram and archive.org, and there, the episode ends the same.
          It does end abrupt though.

  2. Well, you never explained why we are told the earth is round. Why talk about flat earth and then continue with the Rothschilds?

    • They lie the earth is round because they’re hiding extra land and God.

      If the world is round and Antarctica is at the bottom, there’s no reason to go there.
      Cold, dangerous and pointless, however, in flat earth models, that changes drastically.

      There are different flat earth models.
      One model thinks the “glass wall” of the firmament is in Antarctica.
      The firmament is God’s handy work (hiding God).

      Another model thinks there is land beyond Antarctica.
      Hiding extra land.

      He goes on about the Rothschilds because they are the ones in power that are blocking humanity on that front, and many others.

      Finally, the globe earth is satanic lie.
      Globe science is riddled with 666 and so on.
      In the globe model, you are a meaningless speck in the universe, spinning and flying at high speed through space. Are you feeling dizzy yet?

      In the flat earth model, a loving God created earth for you and his other creations. It’s stationary, stable, protected by a firmament, flat and logical.

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