Scientist analyses the 9/11 twin tower collapse that defied the laws of physics

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Judy Wood.


Scientist Judy Wood presents us with a detailed analysis of the collapse of the twin towers on 9th of September, 2001.

Going over the footage of one building, we have to admit that the building disintegrates to dust in mid-air, falling down at free fall speed. None of the official narratives are able to provide a reasonable explanation.

Miss Wood though is aware of a technology capable of explaining our observervations, directed energy weapons (DEWs).


Judy Wood's research concludes directed energy weapons brought down the twin towers as the only plausible explanation. Dustification of concrete and steel at 48m42s.

In case of the 9/11 event, DEWs appear to have been used to commit the atrocity of mass murder.

The U.S. government then exploited the event to introduce the patriot act and the anti-terrorism act.

The legislation is an insult to human and constitutional rights.
The only thing the state needs to do to take those rights, is call you a terrorist.

9/11 was the biggest psychological operation (psyop) perpetrated on the world, only to be superseded by the COVID-19 scamdemic in 2020.

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