Gnosticism: origins of mother earth, humanity and archons

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John Lash.


Gnosticism is science, history and mysticism that predates, and was eradicated by, Christianity.

Gnosticists were murdered and their knowledge destroyed, registered in history as the destruction of The Great Library of Alexandria.

The Gnostic revival is accredited to the discovery of the Coptic Nag Hammadi codices in Egypt.

Gnosticists were holistic scientists (math, astrology, chemistry, biology, language, arts…) and mystics, deeply connected to nature. They used the scientific approach to explore the spiritual world.

More precisely, they performed ceremonies with eight men and eight women.
One half of the group were spiritual travelers, for which they consumed the hallucinogenic Ergot.
The other half were sober witnesses, which wrote down the travelers’ experience.

Using this method for hundreds of years, they unveiled a common thread in the experiences.

They unveiled a story which describes the origins of mother earth, humanity and archons.
John Lash tells this story in his interview with  The Higherside Chats in the video below.

You can download the PDF of Not In His Image on and find information about Gnosticism on John Lash’s website

John Lash tells the story in a talk on The Higherside Chats. [BitChute]

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