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Rick Simpson.


Rick Simpson tells the story how he cured his own cancer by consuming (eating) concentrated cannabis oil. He made the oil himself and explains how to make it in his documentary.

After he successfully treated himself, he went ahead to help other cancer patients by producing the oil, giving it to them and by teaching people how to produce cannabis oil themselves.

Rick Simpson calls the oil Rick Simpson oil or RSO in short. A more generic naming for the substance is ‘concentrated cannabis oil’.

RSO is not equivalent to CBD oil. Commercial CBD oil does not contain THC while RSO does.

CBD oil does have benefits, though THC is an important component of the cancer treatment. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) however is the psychoactive ingredient so consuming the oil will make you high.

The documentary shows testimonies, a procedure to produce cannabis oil yourself and tells about the conflicts Rick had with the Canadian government over ‘cannabis as a cure’.

Cannabis has become a controversial topic, merely because government made it illegal around 1930. Before 1930 though, cannabis medicines were mainstream and readily available at the pharmacist.

Most people find it hard to believe cannabis can have medicinal value and then there are those that just try, like the vape shop owner in my local city in Belgium who cured two people from cancer using RSO.

There’s also scientific research that basically admits cannabis works against cancer. Professor Manuel Guzman for example caused cancer cells to self-destruct (apoptosis) in mice by exposing the cancer cells to cannabinoids.

It’s important to note however, that the pharmaceutical industry earns billions with their toxic cancer “cures” and they are not interested in a cure one can just grow in the garden for a few bucks.

Meanwhile, it’s also the pharmaceutical industry that funds virtually all research in the world, via grants and other financial means to universities, labs and so on.

Rick Simpson’s website:

P.S.: Rick does not sell the oil. If you encounter anything online making that claim, it’s a scam.


The procedure to produce the concentrated cannabis oil

Rick Simpson explains the procedure at 29m35s in the video above.

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