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Rick Simpson tells he cured his own cancer with concentrated cannabis oil. After, he helped other cancer patients by producing the oil and teaching people how to do it themselves.

The oil is not equivalent to CBD oil, which one can buy legally. CBD oil doesn’t contain THC while Rick Simpson oil (RSO) does. While CBD oil can have benefits too, the THC part is important to attack cancer. Consequentially it means that RSO can make you high. RSO is consumed orally.

The documentary shows testimonies, a procedure to produce cannabis oil yourself and tells about the conflicts Rick had with the Canadian government.

Cannabis is controversial for some, because the state made it illegal, but is this story true?

I talked to a vape shop owner about this topic and he told me he had cured two people from cancer using RSO.
Professor Manuel Guzman cured cancer in the laboratory in mice, but the state doesn’t permit him to do human trials…

It seems the pharmaceutical industry lobbied to make cannabis illegal so it could make billions off toxic cancer treatments.

Rick Simpson’s website:

P.S.: He doesn’t sell the oil but you can learn how to make it yourself.


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