Germs vs Terrain

We’re taught there are infectious microorganisms that can enter our bodies and make us sick. This view on illness is called germ theory. Though widely taught and accepted, there’s no scientific evidence for it.

Health professional Amandha Vollmer lays it out bluntly.
Full interview here.

There’s another view on illness, which sees bacteria and viruses as essential players in symbiosis with our cells in our bodies. Illnesses originate from internal and external environmental toxicity and poor diet. This view is called terrain theory.

Amandha Vollmer interviews the authors of ‘What really makes you ill’, David Parker and Dawn Lester.

A word of clarification on the statement “viruses do not exist” is needed.

What the medical establishment claims to be viruses, are manifestations of our own bodies that happen when there’s an insult. They are a reaction to toxins, a defense mechanism. They are not the cause of illness but the solution, created inside and by the body to solve a specific problem and they’re not transmissible.

We know they’re not transmissible because scientists tried to infect healthy people with the Spanish flu using fluids from the sick. They squirted the fluids in the nose, throat and even injected it. The healthy did NOT took ill.

So the idea of a virus as an infectious particle in the air or fluids causing infection and illness is false. That does not exist. At the very least, decent science to prove the notion does not exist.


Around 1900-1930, scientists weren’t at all decided on which theory was correct. Germ theory took root after Rockefeller funded germ theory advocate Louis Pasteur “won” the discussion by presenting fraudulent proof of infection against terrain theory advocate Antoine Béchamps.

Another nail in the terrain theory coffin was the Rockefeller funded Carnegie Flexner report [, pdf] which weaponized politics in favor of centralized, drug-based medicine against natural medicine. It was a hostile takeover.

Why would somebody want this falsehood sustained?
Fear for organisms invading your body sells drugs and vaccines. Viruses also provide a cover explanation when people get sick from environmental toxicity or to perpetrate a pandemic power grab for totalitarian control.

Proponents of terrain theory

In 2021


Contagion myth denounced in UK public speech in 2020



  1. Hi Amandha, my name is Tonia and I am located in Trinidad & Tobago. We have been on several lock downs and mask wearing has been made law since 2020, so from henceforth we are mandated to wear them until the LAW is changed . Further, our Government recently enforced a State of Emergency upon citizens and have extended it to 3 months which is permitted by our laws. So besides lockdowns, mask wearing and curfews, we have a State of Emergency until end August 2021.

    Vaccines were rolled out about 5 weeks ago and since then, we have seen spikes in the ‘fake virus’ and variants. I am an anti-vaxxer and Christian, so I am well aware of the ‘plan’ that is being outpoured upon the world at the moment.

    I listened to your interview with David and Dawn and heard him mention that several individuals wrote the relevant authorities to get proof that the virus exist, but never received any because their is none. My question is – How can I obtain a copy of this letter to forward to our Government / Ministry of Health as a concerned citizen and also, what action can be taken to get this nonsense to STOP!? At least if we can’t get the Government to stop, we can use a platform to educate the population who are slowly waking up to the fraud, lies and deceptions.

    Very interesting program and thanks for your efforts.

  2. Hi. My Father cured hundreds of thousands of people with homeopathy products from a simple flu to gangrene, diabetes and some types of cancer he was self thought but he pass the exam from the University he open a pharmacy on the early 70s
    Anyway what I wanted to tell you is that on the CDC website on Laboratory Performance characteristics pg 39 says that covid19 is not available because it can not be isolated and for that reason those not exist. Now ZZZ It makes alot sense what are you saying.

  3. Interesting, but I have some questions:
    1. If germ theory is incorrect, then how do you explain Measles parties. When I was a child, parents would bring children to the homes of other children infected with Measles, and the uninfected children would be infected in about two weeks. How does the Terrain theory explain this?
    2. From what I read about the Terrain theory, there is no immune system per se. How then does the terrain theory explain the ability to introduce an antigen (germ) into the bloodstream of a mammal, which then creates specific antibodies; which are then separated out and used in diagnostics. This is a procedure I used to perform in the lab everyday)? Then the harvested antibodies would specifically bind to the antigen (germ) in question inside of a test tube.

    Please understand, I am not challenging or flaming you. I would like to believe Terrain theory has some merit, but I must see specifics and not simply talking points.

      • Thanks. Let me say that as a 40+ year medical scientist with a focus on retrovirology for the past 30 years, I do not believe that CoV-2 exists- at least not the way that it is being described by the media and scientific community. I do believe another CoV virus was produced, but to the dismay of those who created it, it is no more virulent than any of the other CoV-2 cold viruses. Furthermore, I know from direct experience that testing for CoV-2 will cross react with other alpha and beta Corona viruses. I feel that CoV-2 is a plot and/or a wild goose chase tantamount to the Japanese SMON debacle. Mainly, I do not believe in Covid-19 because (as the video states) CoV-2 was never isolated or cultured. That being said, I must disagree with the video with regard to other viruses never having been cultured. This is a falsehood, because I’ve witnessed the isolation and culturing techniques – and they DO use a controlled cell line. Most cultures are made with HeLa cells, which pretty much live forever. When no virus is introduced, the HeLa cells continue to live (reproduce). When virus is introduced, the HeLa cells decline/die off, and the amount of isolated virus increases.

        Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of misinformation out there in the mainstream about viruses (and especially about CoV-2), but the video tries to make its point by including flawed data (most likely because these doctors are not Pathologists and do not fully understand the science).

        • Since “viruses” as described by most Terrain Theory proponents is simply the byproduct of body detoxification, is it not possible that those “viruses” and/or viral fragments (essentially being the toxic waste from the body) would have a toxic effect when introduced to HeLa cells?

          I can’t see why this explanation is would not be viable or feasible….

          The other issue I cannot get past is that the genomic sequence of a virus contains the DNA of the host. That is only possible if the “virus” originated in the host, and therefore could not be a virulent pathogen invading the host.

    • From the talks I saw, people describe measles as a transitional phase from childhood to adolescence.

      The first question to ask is if their really is a transfer going on between the kids. If so, it could be hormone signalling or something else. If not, they just enter into a time frame where this transitioning process kicks off while parent think they had a say in the matter. I have no experience with measles parties so I cannot fall back on my own experience here.

      In regard to the antigen. The body responds to an insult and it doesn’t necessarily matter to the body what it is. It just recognizes, the germ in this case, that it’s signature doesn’t belong there starts the process most suitable to get rid of it.

      An important point is that germ would not have ended up in the bloodstream if mad scientists wouldn’t inject them, but when it happens, the body responds anyway.

      This is my view on your questions but I think you might find more complete answers in David Parker and Dawn Lester’s book, especially on the measles matter. Stefan Lanka also had stuff to say about measles.

      Happy researching!

      • Thanks. As a ‘real scientist’ who has seen the political corruption of science continue to evolve throughout my entire life, I am always open to new ideas that challenge the status quo. Terrain is certainly an interesting theory and an investment in future research is worth my time.

        One point, however. You say that the germ would not end up in the blood stream if a mad scientist did not put it there. However, that is was not my point. In the field of immunodiagnostics, antibodies to a specific germ/antigen are produced by injecting that germ into a sheep (these days they are actually produced by a vat of cloned mouse cells). After the ‘mad scientist’ injects the sheep with the antigen (basically vaccinating the sheep against it), the sheep’s immune system will produce antibodies against that particular antigen/microbe. Let us use Measles as an example. Then these antibodies, which are specific to Measles, are removed from the sheep and a tracer is added. If a person has Measles (a.k.a. rubeola), then their blood is taken and mixed with the antibodies. The antibodies then attach to the Measles in their blood and will flash the tracer to show the Measles are there. If the person does not have Measles, then the antibodies do not bind and are washed away with the tracer in the wash step (no flash). While the ‘mad scientist’ does inject the microbe into the sheep, he/she does not inject it into the person, but the antibodies generated against it in the sheet are specific to the microbe in the person’s blood. This is how we detect if someone is infected with Measles, and what I’ve seen from Terrain theory so far fails to have an answer for it.

        • I think the science you describe “works” and as such surpresses that essential transition phase from childhood to adolescence.

          It’s not meant to be surpressed. I think the architects of the measles medicine scheme inflict a significant blow to the future resiliency of the inoculated.

          They inject antibodies produced inside a sheep (or cloned mouse cells) into the person?

          Such practice must defoul the integrity of human biology one way or the other with animal biology.

          There are some seriously wicked people running around in the highest escellons of modern science. It’s disgusting.

          • Okay, I will not be coming to this site again. I won’t be rude, as I agree with your premise that very wicked people have power in the scientific community. However, you obviously do not know anything about this science. Therefore, how in the world can you make an informed decision to believe what you believe? I never said these antibodies were injected into people. I said they are used to detect disease in diagnostics (testing blood in the lab after it is drawn from the body). If Terrain theory has any merit, then this site is doing it no favors.

          • I got you wrong on the injecting animal antibodies part and stand corrected there.
            I also got the impression you got triggered by my usage of ‘mad scientist’ which was not directed to you personally.

            Meanwhile, it doesn’t make sense you bash me for ‘not knowing the science’, this isn’t an immunodiagnostics blog but a truth seeker blog.

            I don’t agree my site does disfavor to terrain theory.
            Readers learn about the gist of the matter, history, who are the terrain theory proponents and links to their material.
            That’s a lot of value in my view.

            I’d like to continue an honest discussion on the subject of immunodiagnostics.
            On the other hand, you fuel the bioweapon narrative in your comment to wtshare, which could push people to these deadly vaccines.
            I cannot allow that.

            I’m still thinking if I should delete all of your comments and wtshare’s comments so don’t be surprised if that happens later.

  4. I am a big believer it is toxins that cause illness and some bacteria like tetanus cause toxins. But what causes Herpes? Is this not a virus? I know HIV was caused by recreational drugs and then doctors putting these patients on strong medication. BSE caused by neuro toxins in sheep dip etc. Spanish flu started in USA near Army base [ Radar or experimental vaccines or both?]

    • Yes indeed. What does cause Herpes? I’ve battled it nutritionally for forty years or so. And many times I thought I’d won, having gone years without an out break. Only to have it pop up, out of the blue.. once again.

    • I was wondering the same thing about herpes. I read somewhere that every “virus” through the years has correlated with an environmental toxin/radiation/elecromagnetic wave; however, genital herpes especially is such a personal thing that does not seem to affect the population in mass, but only when someone has sex with an infected person. I would really like someone to chime in and offer an explanation to that one!

  5. Does terrain theory explain parasites? Worms are commonly blamed for some digestive illnesses. Malaria is said to be a parasite. Do any covid treatments attempt to treat it as a parasite? Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic.

  6. Yes terrain theory explains parasites. They are opportunistic, and seek out an environment where they can thrive. They are a symptom of a terrain that can’t keep them from seizing the opportunity.
    I have been a Homeopathic consultant for 19 years.

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