COVID-19 never isolated & Koch’s postulates not fulfilled

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Virus isolation proves the existence of a virus, while Koch's postulates is a scientific protocol that proves a microorganism is infectious.

Both virus isolation and Koch's postulates have not been done.

A certain Andrew Johnson asked Public Health England if they actually had an isolation of COVID-19. The answer was no.

Andrew Kaufman on Koch's postulates & virus isolation of C. [BitChute]


  1. Dobry przyjaciel widzi pierwsza lze, lapie druga i powstrzymuje trzecia.

  2. To this day, not even one so-called “virus” has been isolated and shown to exist. “Viruses” only exist as a set of symptoms inside the body and nowhere else. These symptoms are most likely caused by 4G and 5G radiation. Wuhan installed 30,000 5G transmitters and then Covid appeared. California recently went full blown 5G and now it’s a Covid hotspot. The Weston A. Price Foundation thinks this is the cause of Covid. Dr. Robert Young, MD, PhD also thinks this is what’s happening.

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