Andrew Kaufman M.D. destroys COVID-19 narrative

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Dr. Kaufman did a great job explaining the eyebrow-raising scientific aspects surrounding COVID-19. The talk is nonetheless quite technical and challenging to follow at times. I hope this write-up provides some assistance for you.


Chinese scientists used questionable methods to conclude cause of disease was viral

  • They ignored the most probable cause: contamination of seafood from e.g. a poisonous or polluted environment.
  • They observed the following medical symptoms:
    • Raised body temperature
    • Decreased white blood cells and lymphocytes
    • Fluid in the lungs
    • Antibiotics didn’t work -> not bacteria -> conclusion: virus…

The symptoms listed by the Chinese scientists could be caused by numerous other conditions. The most interesting causes to investigate here would be toxicity from polluted seawater, toxins in the fish, air pollution and microwave poisoning from the newly deployed 5G infrastructure.

Chinese scientists used questionable method to prove the virus exists

  1. They took a lung fluid sample from 7 patients out of 200.
  2. They did not isolate/purify the virus from this fluid.
  3. Instead, they isolated RNA strands from the fluid.
    Note this fluid contains RNA from the body, bacteria, free floating RNA and the supposed virus.
  4. They sequenced the RNA they found (mapped the base pairs on a computer).
  5. They created a test to track down this RNA sequence.
    Such tests are called RT-PCR tests. This is the COVID -19 test.
  6. They instructed on the COVID-19 test to execute 45 cycles of amplification, which is the maximum allowed cycle count with the highest inaccuracy.

Comparing COVID-19 to exosomes

The most mind-blowing part of the information Dr. Kaufman presents:

The electron microscope photography of COVID-19 that is presented to the public, is actually something every human body produces in an immune response: exosomes.

Exosomes live inside cells and are able to move through the membrane and travel outside the cell. Floating around, they will absorb pathogens and communicate to other cells that there’s a threat. More details in the video.

The implications were not easy to come to terms with for me:

  • The COVID-19 story plays the populations and even medical professionals for stupid.
  • The tests are not testing for a virus but for genetic code of exosomes.
  • Every person that has some kind of immune response at the time of testing, will test “positive” for COVID-19.
  • Microwave poisoning of the current infrastructure and the vastly increased exposure of 5G, can create an increase of exosomes in our body.

Dr. Kaufman’s conclusion

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