COVID-19 death count is rigged

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Health institutions all over the world received protocols to count people that die with covid as a covid deaths, making it seem they died of covid. The result is a false and exaggerated death count number.

Since then, testimonies popped up everywhere of people that are angry because loved ones that passed away had covid-19 on their death certificate.

Dr. Scott Jensen is a physician & Minnesota state senator. In the video below he blows the whistle on the death count fraud. Not long after, the medical board has been bullying him with a complaint and with a stay-at-home order.

Scott Jensen informs us about the uncanny CDC death certificate guidelines for COVID-19. [BitChute]


  1. A family member, who works in healthcare, told me her colleagues are highly distressed at work with the suffering due to Covid-19. I asked immediately whether their patients are put onto ventilators, and she confirmed this to be the case. She and her colleagues did not seem aware of the risks of ventilating someone with symptoms of this novel flu. I hear that in the US and Germany people seem to have a much higher likelihood of death if they are put onto such machines. If this is true, we could call it professional assasination for profit.

    • Nurses in the US said in videos, putting covid patients on the ventilator was killing 8 out of 10.

      The covid condition is a problem of oxygen uptake, not a muscular issue.

      Apparently, they set the ventilator on muscle mode, forcing air inside mechanically, which then doesn’t get taken up by the lungs/body.

      In the meantime, the pressure damages the lungs and the artificially induced coma was never healthy.

      I think the health protocol came from the government and even after nurses raised concerns, hospitals stood by the protocol, most likely because of the government funds of $39000 for each patient on the ventilator..

      I too consider it murder.

      • Thank you for the extra clarification.
        I have noticed these days that just about all major cruel and damaging actions everywhere are caused in some way by greed for money.

        • Exactly. People don’t speak out in fear to lose their job or reputation. In case of hospital CEO’s it’s pure greed and/or evil. The importance of government protocol cannot be understated.

          It’s a covert genocide that’s engineered to be fueled by greed and fear. It’s quite ingeniously evil.

          • Yes, that is, sadly, how it currently appears.
            As for solutions, that’s the challenge . . .
            at first we need more open discussion, self-educating, free speech, mutual respect of whoever is being authentic (even if we think they might be misinformed), critical analysis especially of mainstream media and governments, and agreement on what we agree on, before tackling what we don’t.

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