COVID-19 deception in science, media & politics

Bye bye, controla virae - Chapter 1

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Bye bye, controla virae (chapter 1) | COVID-19 deception
A 1 hour documentary walks through the pandemic deception making use of various articles on


‘COVID-19 deception’ is the first chapter of a three part series.

Chapter 1 contains the groundwork to clear the road for the following chapters. Without getting these subjects out of the way, those subjects would muddy the waters.

People completely new to this information are in for a crazy ride. That said, without truth, how could we ever create a better world?

I think new souls and seekers alike are able to learn at least one thing they didn’t know before from this video.

Chances are though, you’ll learn a lot of valuable information and insights.

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  • Deaths
    • Putting the numbers in perspective
    • Death certificate fraud
    • Ventilator murder
  • Infections
    • PCR-test fraud
    • Mandatory testing inflates cases
  • Bogus science everywhere!
    • Virus never isolated
    • Koch’s postulates not fulfilled
    • Face mask science: useless and harmful
  • Government
    • Totalitarian response & protests
    • Harm, rights, economic destruction & tech surveillance
    • Albert Biderman’s chart of coercion
    • Covid legislation
  • Media
    • Fear and government propaganda
    • Lies and deception
  • Censorship
  • Why engineer a fake pandemic?

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