History of the United Nations, Rothschild Zionism and the Palestinian genocide

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It’s becoming less and less known that what we know today as Israel, was actually a country named Palestine not so long ago.

Turning Palestine into Israel went hand in hand with decades of genocide which continues even today in the Gaza strip. Mainstream media reporting was a joke and virtually doesn’t exist anymore today.

History shows colluding hands from globalist organization UN, the Rothschild banking dynasty and the British crown.

1910Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), founded by Andrew Carnegie.
CEIP advances cooperation between nations, promotes US active international engagement.
Groundwork for the League of Nations which would transform into United Nations later on.
1914 – 1918World War 1.
The US stays “neutral” yet provisions the allies with ammunition.
1916Explosion in Black Tom ammunition manufacturer’s plant in New York, US.
1917Explosion in Kingsland ammunition manufacturer’s plant in New Jersey, US.
The U.S. enters World War 1.
1917The Balfour declaration established British support for Zionism*.

The Balfour declaration was a letter from British minister of foreign affairs Arthur Balfour to Zionist Walter Rothschild, as Jacob Rothschild clarifies in this interview. The Rothschild dynasty played a central role in global banking for at least three centuries.

* Zionism is the ideology of establishing a Jewish state in the same location as in biblical times.
1918Five CEIP delegates join US president Woodrow during peace talks in France.
The end of World War 1.
1920 – 1946The League of Nations is founded and evolves.
1920Mandate for Palestine establishes British administration of Palestine.
1935 – 1940The world rejected technocracy for the first time.
Today, it’s presented a second time via UN Agenda 2030: the agenda for sustainable development.
We better reject technocracy again or humanity will find itself in a global technological prison.
1939The start of World War 2.
1943Talks of transforming the League of Nations into the United Nations during the Tehran conference.
1945The end of World War 2.
The League of Nations is rebranded into the United Nations and establishes itself in the aftermath of WW2 claiming to pick up the role of “world peacekeeper”.
1946Zionist assimilation of Palestine progresses to 2 percent*.
* Estimations based on the picture below.
1947The Unite Nations partition plan for Palestine.
Zionist assimilation of Palestine progresses to  50 percent.
1948Arab-Israeli war.
Start of the ongoing Palestinian genocide (I. Pappé 2017).
1949 – 1967Zionist assimilation of Palestine progresses to 70 percent.
1990Reports of UN peacekeepers sexually abusing women and children.
2000Zionist assimilation of Palestine progresses to 95 percent.
The only picture one needs to determine who is right and who is wrong.


In the name of Zion. Full 6h22m documentary in 720p.
The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel, by Jack Bernstein (radio show).


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