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Control limits freedom, hence it is evil.

Jeremy Locke, author of The end of all evil.


Non-exhaustive diagram of the global control structure.


Consider the diagram of the global, top-down control structure and realize the ruling class’ orders travel down from the top through the societal machinery to end up at our doorstep in the form of control.

The ruling class publicly expressed their interest in depopulation, transhumanism, satanism and a technocratic world government on multiple occasions.

The information presented here analyzes the machinery the ruling class wields to manipulate and deceive people to cooperate with their own demise.

Understanding the diagram

Arrows and horizontal division lines

An outgoing arrow means “sends”.
An incoming arrow means “receives”.
For example, local police controls (sends control to) the population.
Or, the population sends money to the government (taxes).

The horizontal lines are layer division lines. The names of the layers you find on the utmost left of the image e.g. national layer, international layer…

Nodes represent hierarchies

Diagram of a single hierarchy.
Every node between the population layer and the ruling class layer is a hierarchy.
A school (under the education node) is a hierarchy.
A police force is a hierarchy.
A government is a hierarchy…
Hence, the global control structure is a hierarchy of hierarchies.
Top & bottom in a hierarchy

The hierarchy owner at the top has all decision power and access to all knowledge in the hierarchy. Hierarchy owners can be controlled too though, preferably with money like lobbying, bribes or mergers. If that fails, there are rougher methods like threats, blackmail, (family) kidnapping or murder.

Employers at the bottom have no decision power and their knowledge is limited to their tasks, also referred to as compartmentalization. If they don’t comply with orders from the top, they’ll be fired and replaced. The personal battle often boils down to money versus morals.

Pillars of control

The diagram hides multiple vertical control flows which I refer to as pillars of control.

World government

The United Nations (UN) with its dodgy history is the primary candidate of the ruling class to establish a world government.

The UN controlled World Health Organization COVID-19 response was the first world government command jointly executed by all nations.

All nations of the world signed into agreement with the UN and its sustainable development goals (SDGs) and proved obedient to its diktats.

In other words, federal governments and mayors take orders from the UN, ultimately from the ruling class, instead of listening to the needs of the people.

Flow of control

ruling class


WHO (optional)

federal governments

local governments

local businesses


Government is an ancient control structure, going back to the first advanced civilizations in Egypt and Sumer roughly 8000 years ago. It was then when humanity was confronted for the first time with mass slavery and the concept of government and taxes. In the period prior, humans lived like nomads and in small agricultural settlements.

Mass mind control

The importance of information

People make decisions based on information. Consequentially, human behavior can be directed by controlling the information available to them. Incorrect or missing information leads to bad decisions.

No wonder the ruling class invested heavily in the media and education, responsible for feeding information to the public.

The Trivium describes the fundamental dynamics of the learning process in classical education, also known as ‘grammar, logic and rhetoric’.

One example to drive this important point home. People learn falsely masks are not harmful and might help to stop viruses from the media, so they wear one. Yet, if people learned the truth that masks are bad for your health and can’t stop viruses, they probably wouldn’t wear one.


Mainstream media

The ruling class owns the global mainstream media [src, alt]. Media outlets receive their scripts from multinational media companies like Reuters which still aren’t the top of the media food chain.

Tavistock Institute houses psychologists and social science experts, called social engineers, who devise media campaigns to mold the minds of the public to the wishes of their client, the ruling class.

I suspect the social engineers were intimately involved in forming the COVID-19 media campaign which was a multilayered psychological attack that inflicted shock, fear, terror and division. Death by a thousand cuts comes to mind.

Flow of control

ruling class

social engineers (Tavistock)

multinational media (Reuters)

national media


The power of the media cannot be overstated as these three quotes from prominent figures illustrate.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

Edward Bernays, mass propaganda pioneer.

Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi head of propaganda.

He who controls the media controls the minds of the public.

Noam Chomsky, philosopher, historian, social critic.
Big tech & social media

Social media is an important battlefield for the minds of the people.

Through observations of big tech censorship from the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram and others, its fair to say big tech got the same instructions from the social engineers as the mainstream media.

Flow of control

ruling class

social engineers (Tavistock)

tech (FB, Google, YouTube, Twitter…)



It’s no secret the government is involved in determining the educational curriculum which means the ruling class handpicks the information available to whole populations.

The overall result is an obedient worker class with no survival skills and dependent on the state hence controllable.

Children are trained to believe in authority and to comply with carrots and sticks from “loving” adults during their formative years. The unhealthy practice of sitting down for hours is a physical action that psychologically reinforces obedience.

Flow of control

ruling class

social engineers

UN (SDG 4: education)

federal government

local government

local education


Bill “Baal” Gates of hell

It’s fair to bring Gates in relation with Baal, for one because he owns patent 2020060606.

Secondly, his money is everywhere vaccines are, so also in the COVID-19 gene therapy “vaccine” which is now proven to be quite deadly.

Bill Gates’ money bought himself considerable power and influence in global vaccination operations, biosecurity and academia. Actually to a large extent, his money is fueling those endeavors.

Finally, infectious viruses and vaccines are based on the massive deception of germ theory. As deception is the signature of evil, I rest my ‘Baal Gates of hell’ case.

Flow of control

ruling class


tech | UN | pharma


federal government

local government


Monetary system

The monetary system is designed to bond people into perpetual labor through debt. In multiple ways, the monetary system is a debt generating machine.

All central banks are owned, or at the very least controlled, by the Rothschild dynasty.

Each dollar has interest attached

Monetary system cartoon.

When a government wants to increase the money in circulation, the central bank will start printing the money and hand it over to the government with the expectation it will be returned with interest.

That interest though can never be repaid because each dollar in circulation has interest attached to it. Even if all the money in circulation was handed over to the central bank, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the interest.

The end result is every economy will always have debt, something the bankers like because when people can’t pay their debts, the banks can confiscate their physical assets.

The bankers print money on worthless paper and get to acquire physical assets in return.

Fractional banking

To fuel the debt generating machine even more, the bankers invented fractional banking.

Fractional banking is the policy that banks only need to keep 10% of deposits available. The remaining 90% they can lend out again, meaning more debt is created.

The mind virus of authority


The moral or legal right to rule, command, enforce obedience, specifically by government.

From Latin auctoritatem (nominative auctoritas) “influence, command”, from auctor “master, leader, author (of law)”.

An amalgam of explanations of the word ‘authority’ from Online Etymology dictionary, Cambridge dictionary and Merriam-Webster dictionary in the first paragraph.

Now we know the meaning of the word authority, there’s an urgent need for the following two statements.

There’s no such thing as a legitimate, moral right to rule or enforce obedience over other people.

Obeying authority boils down to following orders.
It is impossible to live morally and free while obeying authority, otherwise following orders.

Belief in authority

Belief in authority is the false conviction someone, a group or something has the right to rule over other human beings.

Wicked Truths.

Giving consent to government is giving consent to violence.

Today, that consent is given through voting. Hence, all political voting is inherently immoral.

Wicked Truths.

Key to the control structure to function at all, is people’s belief in authority. A false belief which has been drilled into our psyches since birth via the education system and brainwashed parents.

Authority can only exist with consent. When people refuse to recognize an authority for whatever reason, it loses its power. Authority is nothing more than a mind game.

Wicked Truths.

The horrors of obedience to authority

The Milgram experiment proved people will hurt and kill other people on demand of an authority figure.

The majority of obedient perpetrators subjected their own moral values and emotional conflicts to the authoritative orders which were hurting innocent people. The experiment was repeated later by other researchers with the same results.

Pennsylvania state university documentary of the Milgram experiment. [BitChute]

Looking at history further enforces the phenomenon observed in the Milgram experiment is real and true. Simply look at any genocide or holocaust, there’s always an obedient, order following militia carrying out the atrocities on demand of their mass murdering overlords.

Whatever your believes might be, you are responsible for your actions. Following orders doesn’t change that, as established officially during the Nuremberg trials.

You carry the memory, your conscience suffers, you carry the wrath of the family, you made the mistake of immoral action.
It’s. Your. Soul.

Wicked Truths.

Self-reflection & unalienable rights

The only one with legitimate authority and responsibility over your life, property, actions and decisions, is you.

As long as your actions don’t cause harm, you’re free to do whatever you please. It’s enshrined in unalienable human rights and natural law.

Written law that doesn’t respect unalienable, god-given rights is unlawful, null and void.

A staggering amount of contemporary written law is unlawful, null and void.

Challenges & human growth

The ruling class played its instruments of control to the fullest extent from 2020 onward to perpetrate a stealth genocide under the guise of the media engineered COVID-19 “pandemic”.

A genocide yielding deaths from economical and psychological despair, denial of health services, harmful health advice and the dangerous, experimental gene therapy incorrectly referred to as a vaccine.

The pandemic laws, which include complete loss of human rights and concentration camps, set the stage to transform the stealth genocide into an open genocide.

None of these dystopian scenarios can happen with people that know the truth, understand how the control structure works and who chose to act morally. Hence, the key to deflect the genocide is educating ourselves, family and friends which results in valuable personal growth.

Moreover, if we want to be free, that growth has to happen anyway. So our growth helps us the survive the contemporary challenges, while building mental foundations for truly free societies.


Follow the Money to find out who is really in control. It’s a tried and tested research strategy, and a saying people throw around online (which I like very much).

Tim Gielen follows the money in his documentary, Monopoly – Total Picture of The Great Reset (English subs)


  1. Trilateral commission, bilderberg, the billioanire ‘foundations’, not to forget the rothschilds, the royal family in england and the vatican with the usurper pope bertoglio who took the seat of the real Pope Benedict through a coup.

  2. The Black Pope is arguably the most powerful man in the world. All roads lead to Rome, the Jesuit-ruled papacy is the head of the snake, at least in human form. The Rothschilds are the guardians of the Vatican’s Treasury. Most powerful “Jews” and/or zionists are confirmed Knights of Malta and are thus subservient to the Jesuit Order. You forgot to add the Jesuit-ruled papacy, and secret societies.

    • I’m aware of the Vatican’s ominous role though not informed enough at the moment to write about it.

      If you can point us to good sources on the matter, don’t hesitate to share it here. It could serve as ammo for a reloaded version of this article, mixed or an alternative version.

      To my defense 🙂 I did state the diagram was non-exhaustive.

  3. The fake pope bergoglio is just a human being. One bullet in the head shot at a distance on St Peter’s square and he is gone.

    Psychopatic pedophile bill gates is just a human being One bullet in the head shot at a distance from lake washington where he has his main mansion, and he’s gone. The target is way easier than the pope one.

    And so on and so on.

    Why is it that so many Americans have weapons and not even a single one tried to take gates out?


    This is a war and we have to fight with a war mind.

    We need to kill: all the 4 big pharma ceo’s behind the fake vaccines, most wolrd ‘leaders starting by trudeau, draghi, macron, johnson, morrison, ardern, etc…

    All those involved must be executed.

    Then we will move on mps’, deputies, senators who ‘voted’ for implementing the COUP.

    overall, less than 50, 000 people worldwide. It’s a small amount compared to the 7 billion population.

    Most media must be destroyed and totally refounded. many executives and presstitutes executed.

    then, we need to punish the collaborators.

    then we move up to the top: rothschilds and so on.

    Pillage the central banks and nationalize them to share their assets between nation citizens.

    Then end the UN, WHO, IMF, NATO, BIS, WEF and all the other globalist scumbags.

    • Quite the plan but I wouldn’t be effective long term.
      After a while, new psychos appear and it starts all over again.

      The solution lies with the people.
      When they learn their value and accept none of the wrong things.
      When they know government authority is foremost in their head.

      No man or woman has authority over another human being, unless you give it away.
      I advocate people stop giving other people authority.
      You are the only authority of your live.

      If you want to misbehave and go around killing and raping, don’t be surprised if someone takes you out.

      P.S.: I removed your reply email ‘’. Funny, sort of.

  4. I thought that you understood the structure of world control…..Until you began blaming, the usual suspects and scapegoats…..So your knowledge is Lacking.

    The First Empire is Pharoahnic Egypt.
    Influenced the Entire Planet over Time.
    Creating the Aristocratic BloodLines.
    Switzerland created 1291……Is the Center and HQ, along with a few other places……OF EVIL ON THE PLANET.
    Understanding The Aristocracy and Papal Blood Lines and how they work, is Essential, if you want Knowledge.
    Also Vertical vs Horizontal Governance of the Planet.

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