“Pandemic” & “climate change” TOTALITARIANISM

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The ruling class is trying to establish a global totalitarian government. Fake pandemics and fake climate change, are their chosen narratives of rationalization and justification.

What does that actually mean, living under totalitarian government?

In short, those that lived under totalitarian regimes unanimously state it’s hell.

Learning about totalitarianism makes us conscious of what to reject and why.

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Philosophers-stone.info pureblood [20210908]: USA: Parents! It’s time to take a stand against the Pharma-Fascism ALL OVER USA! Friday Sep. 10th,

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Cross the Rubicon [20210615]: I’ve been fired from Synlait. The employment laws mean nothing now. NZ is a Totalitarian state.

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Enter Dominion [20210409]: Australia’s Totalitarian Pigs attempt to arrest a peaceful protestor as her child screams

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Filip Van Houte [20210321]: Rants About Humanity #013 – Prof. Mattias Desmet | The Mechanics Of TOTALITARIANISM

Tim Truth [20210315]: Huge Miami Mass Arrests For Living Free, Tyranny In Netherlands & UK Stands Up Against Fascism

BLCKBX [20210308]: “Dictatuur klopt weer aan”, zegt schrijfster, die 30 jaar geleden Iran ontvluchtte

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20210307]: ‘IT’S CALLED FASCISM…’ (Our Leaders Sold Us Out For Pennies) Helen & Harry [Mar 7, 2021]

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20210131]: SCIENTIFIC TOTALITARIANISM & the SCIENCE of CONTROL [Harry Vox; Helen of Destroy (@ DLive)]

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Micron- [20201222]: Jon Rappoport – Fascism

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Tim Truth [20201101]: Covid1984, A Sinister Plot – Totalitarian, Worldwide Police State [MUST SEE Documentary]

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20201027]: Totalitarian Control & the New World Order (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Tim Truth [20201018]: Canada Gov’t Signals Brutal Totalitarianism: Buys 36,000 Tear Gas Capsules & Seeks Quarantine Camps

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tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200923]: Monopoly Men (Totalitarian Despotism, the Money Masters, Secret Government)

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200921]: ‘ENVIRON-MENTALISM’ – A ‘NEW RELIGION’ FOR A ‘NEW [TOTALITARIAN] AGE’ (Agenda 21 & the Club of Rome)

Computing Forever [20200918]: Why Has Victoria, Australia Become a Totalitarian Basket Case?

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SixthSense [20200915]: Save Us Now 5Gee and Medical Fascism with Mark Steele Kate Shemirani and Sacha Stone

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200909]: TOTALITARIANISM NOW! (NWO) ‘They Didn’t Come This Far To Stop’ (the Harry Vox Report)

DavidIcke [20200903]: Message to Australia for Saturday. Time to look fascism in the eye and show who really has the power

The Last American Vagabond [20200820]: Major COVID Vaccine Manufacturer Exposed & Governments Know That Pandemics Create Authoritarianism


tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200819]: WARNING: 4th Industrial Revolution (=GloboTotalitarianism) – 5G – IOT & the FAKE Corona Virus

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200815]: UKGOV C(O)VID19 (PsyOp) – ‘Cover for Government & Business Restructure’ (UNIFICATION=FASCISM!!!)

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200804]: Totalitarianism Disguised as ‘Sustainability’ (& Every Grifter Is Jumping On The Train)

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tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200731]: NEW NORMAL IS FASCISM… WAKE UP & FOCUS PEOPLE!

Marnos [20200719]: COG – NEW NORMAL IS FASCISM (WAKE UP)

tangentopolis (world orders review) [20200707]: A Totalitarian Mind Virus Is On The Loose (Cultures In Review)

debess [20200701]: Totalitarian Mind Virus

SGT Report [20200505]: FROM FREEDOM TO FASCISM — Gemma O’Doherty & John Waters


Tim Truth [20200426]: Covid1984, A Sinister Plot: Totalitarian, Worldwide Police State [MUST SEE Documentary]

FalconsCAFE ~ Sharing is saving lives [20200418]: Panel with Seven and Dave – Freedom or fascism ? A corona update

Dollar_Vigilante [20200408]: From Freedom to Fascism in 3 Months – America Will Turn Into the USSA

Dollar_Vigilante [20200408]: Scamdemic – How a Lock Step, Authoritarian, Top Down Control System Is Being Imposed on the World

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen [20200404]: Recession Is Coming. Adapt and Overcome, do not bow to authoritarian rule! Coronavirus & Covid-19

Tim Truth [20200229]: AOC Compares Authoritarian Radicals With Jesus. California Expands Travel Ban to 13 US States

Deluminati [20200225]: The Deluminati Commie Bastard Series #9 – How Socialism, Communism and Fascism are ALL the same

Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen [20200125]: Green Fascism

DavidIcke [20190508]: Wake Up & Smell The Fascism – David Icke

debess [20190326]: Zionism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism ALL came out of the Rothschild Offices in Frankfurt, Germany

DigitalAgentur01 [20190114]: AMERICA – From Freedom To Fascism

ice.age.farmer [20180811]: Interview: CLIMATE FASCISM: Why Tech Is Censoring & Climate Deniers Are Next: The Big Picture

The Last American Vagabond [20180207]: Eugenics Based Depopulation, Authoritarian American Tracking & FBI Sits On Case While Kids Abused

TheHighersideChats [20180131]: Shamangineer | Fascism: The History, The Psychology, & The Re-emergence

The Last American Vagabond [20180115]: Hawaii Missile Psyop Deepens, Totalitarian Border Patrol & The New US-Led Kurdish Army In Syria

Computing Forever [20170316]: Germany’s Rising Censorship & Authoritarianism

Truthstream Media [20131108]: WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING: How the public was duped into socialism, but got totalitarianism


These channels have been censored but are reachable via Tor browser.


GHard_Joe [20220221]: WEF control fascism fanatic Klaus Schwab wants the general population chipped and enslaved by 2026

Unsafe_Space [20200904]: TOTALITARIANISM NOW! (NWO) They didn’t come this far to stop

Unsafe_Space [20200802]: Totalitarianism Disguised as Sustainability and every grifter is jumping on the train

Unsafe_Space [20200625]: Harry Vox discusses this Authoritarian clampdown with Lillian McDermott

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