The Transgender Agenda

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We’re going to talk about transgender deception, put simply, stealth transgenders on TV on top of those that are openly transgender.

The next big topic is environmental factors as a physical cause of gender confusion and perhaps even homosexuality.

Combining previous points with an onslaught of transgender propaganda that spans from TV to classroom, it’s fair to say we can observe a transgender agenda.

The obvious question then arises, why? Just realize that’s equivalent to asking insane people after their motivations which they have, just don’t expect those to bring solace to the sane.

We can kick off however with a somewhat light-footed video in context of transgender deception. The former first “lady” of the U.S. dancing, male parts included.

Focus on “her” crotch.

Transgender deception

There are plenty of female celebrities, presented to us as pinnacles of female attractiveness, who are in reality biological men.

That is the message of transvestigators, people who meticulously analyze public figures with the notion the wicked corporate owners champion stealth male-to-female transgenders as supposed role model women.

The video below starts with a crash course to help us spot male-to-female transgenders and goes on to expose transgender celebrities while pointing out anatomical features that betray their true gender.

A cut version of “The Trans Deception” by Watchman G on YouTube.
BitChute | Odysee

You find more transvestigation sources in the MrE chapter.

Effects of the deception

Many heterosexual men have been seduced by transgenders utilizing the art of makeup. Many men are lusting at these transgender women.

Subconsciously, their brains recognize that the faces of these pretend women are actually masculine. For many, it alters their attraction and desire from that of women to faces and bodies of actual men.

This plan works on females as well. Many women who watch these transgenders find themselves attracted to the masculine look of these fake women and it leads them to experiment sexually with other women.

Quote from video “The Trans Deception” by Watchman G. He also made a follow-up.

Women that strive to mirror the features of these transgenders have set themselves an unattainable goal because men have lower body fat percentages than women and they are taller.

Phenomena like anorexia, high heels and throat coverings suddenly look different with these new eyes.

Mind-fuck warning

Don’t go out into the world questioning every female if she’s actually a man and vice versa. First of all that won’t end well and you’re failing to make a crucial distinction.

Transgender deception happens on TV.
We are talking about celebrity actors and singers, politicians, models, business leaders…

In the real world this isn’t a thing in the vast majority of cases, for now.

Gender benders

Gender benders are chemicals and other means that interfere with the endocrine system where we take special interest in the sex hormones which are responsible for the expression of male and female traits.

Testosterone is the male hormone and estrogen is the female hormone. Both sexes have both hormones but men have more testosterone and women have more estrogen.

Men with low testosterone levels or high estrogen levels are usually more feminine men.
Women with high testosterone levels or low estrogen levels are usually more masculine women.

Chemical benders

Herbicides, pesticides & plastics

The offending chemicals are to be found in pesticides, herbicides and plastics. They are hormone disruptors, also referred to as xenoestrogens and endocrine disruptors. It means the body mistakes these chemicals for testosterone or estrogen. Atrazine (herbicide) however actually converts testosterone into estrogen, a true gender bender.

Scientist Tyrone Hayes found Atrazine turned male frogs female. The hormone interaction in humans is identical. Click the image to watch his presentation on TEDx.

Birth control pills

Many women take birth control pills, which function because they are made of man-made estrogen. That chemical is excreted via the urine, ends up in the sewer and goes to the water filtration station.

The reverse osmosis filters in the water station are not capable of filtering out those man-made estrogen chemicals and end up in our tap water.

People that drink tap water are exposed to artificial estrogen on top of chlorine, heaps of calcium and in some countries fluoride poison. Reusing sewer water for consumption was always a warped idea.

Birth control pills are a form of abortion, promotes depopulation and the transgender agenda as we see now.


There are suspicions human fetal cell lines, used to “culture viruses” during vaccine production, could have hormone disrupting effects. MRC-5, WI-38 and HEK-293 are such immortalized cell lines taken from living human fetuses. Unethical to the core.

MRC-5 cells are human fetal lung fibroblast cells, derived from embryonic lung tissue of a 14-week-old Caucasian male fetus in 1966.
WI-38 cells are isolated from the lung tissue of a 12-week-old, female, embryo in 1962.

HEK-293 took 293 attempts and the same amount of human female fetuses sacrificed, before the barbaric scientists got the Human Embrionic Kidney cells in the condition they were after.

Wireless frequencies

According to this study, wireless radiation reduces the levels of testosterone in men. On the other hand, 2.4 GHz wireless radiation causes diabetes or insulin resistance which in women is responsible for higher testosterone production according to this article.

Gender dysphoria

When a woman feels like a man in a female body or vice versa, it’s referred to as gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria can be a troubling state to be in with intense internal and external battles.

I think gender dysphoria is not a natural or genetically determined condition. Rather, that it’s caused by sex hormone imbalance that started in the womb and carried on throughout one’s life, via the numerous bombardments from all corners in our environment.

Further on, we’ll see there’s a worldwide strategy to normalize this issue instead of looking at possible causes. The same modus operandi as in mainstream medicine, symptom treatment and wilful ignorance.

Worldwide agenda

United Nations 2030 LGBTIQ

LGBTIQ stands for lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, intersex and queer or questioning.

From the UN website.

The United Nations has a slew of partner organizations that advance their LGBT goals e.g. Stonewall UK, probably funded royally with tax money. An opinionated read of one brochure page is quite telling.

Key points:

  • schools and universities around the world
  • meaning of “inclusive
    • All teaching curricula are LGBT inclusive. They are going to force LGBT nonsense in geology now?
    • Zero-tolerance policy against bullying and hate speech can easily be abused to silence and censor rational voices that state the truth of biological genders.
    • Guidance for teachers how to deal with gender dysphoria. This boils down to normalization and acceptance, never addressing the causes e.g. nanoplastics and other hormone disruptors.

In closure of this chapter, what do you think of this photo found on the UN website? Does the photo look and feel right, good, beautiful, or does it look wrong, evil & ugly?

Drag queen on the UN website, flashing the tripple six hand sign.

An imposed culture of transgenderism

Perceptions of attractiveness differ greatly from culture to culture and are malleable. “Our culture” however champions male-to-female transgenders as supposed role model women.

In reality, it’s not our culture of course but meticulously orchestrated social engineering by the most wicked minds of our realm.

Indoctrination in schools

There have been reports of schools that include in their curriculum normalization of transgenderism and gender dysphoria, the erasure of genders and the introduction of new “transgender appropriate language“.

The doctrine teaches gender is not fixed and that you can choose your gender, referred to as gender identity and gender fluidity. Such denial of one’s biological truth sets one up for endless internal battles.

The War on Children (by Vincent James)

Understandably, decent parents didn’t agree to have their children exposed to sexual abnormalities to which some schools responded in the worst ways possible e.g. by banning them from school, hiding LGBT transgressions of their child and by stating to parents and child, it’s the child’s choice.

If you were not on your horse already, consider these blasphemous events.

That time in 2017 when a horned demon drag was telling stories to children in class.
That time when a drag abomination flashed his penis to a classroom of children.

Social engineering on TV

Mainstream media, now legacy media for the thinking human, is doing their bit trying to fabricate normalcy and fake discussion resulting in absurd productions.

Even children seem to know by the look of their faces, the ‘more than two genders’ narrative is hogwash. The fact adults are presenting such information to them is a true scandal.
The absurd gender fluidity discussion on BBC.

Puberty blockers

Puberty blockers block all sex hormones which are crucial for adolescent development.

Puberty is an important phase for the body that happens only once in a lifetime. Just like a caterpillar has to become a cocoon before it becomes a butterfly, boys and girls have to go through puberty to become a man or a woman.

Irreversible damage is a given with puberty blockers, which is easy to see once you truly absorb that puberty is an essential phase and a one time event in life, which was blocked, going against nature, with chemicals.

Issues caused by puberty blockers:

Transgenderism: A steppingstone to transhumanism

Gender confusion, gender inversion and corrupting human biology is an attempt to destroy the sacred male and female dynamics, which pulls humanity away from nature. As detrimental as that is, the divorce from nature can be worse. Enter transhumanism.

Humans merged with machines, technology and AI, are the next step. Genderless asexual cyborgs, with technology infused bodies hooked up to the metaverse. That’s the abomination the rulers of the world are pushing humanity towards. You might think I’m reaching but the propaganda is already there.

Photo from author Martin Rothblatt, herself a male-to-female transgender. He is a transgender and transhumanism activist.
Rothblatt’s book.
Random artwork about transhumanism.

Jennifer Bilek is a counter voice to Rothblatt’s work, and adds valuable insights to the topic in video interview ‘Who is Behind the TRANS AGENDA‘ (follow the money). Here’s a backup.

It’s hard to say how far transhumanism has already progressed, especially if you take Morgellon’s disease and COVID-19 vaccines into account. Yet it appears to have progressed a lot further than we think.

Natural order on its head

Objectively, homosexuality and transgenderism put the natural order completely on its head. That’s probably why many are disgusted by men with boobs, women with beards and heavy voices or even kissing men. But how do you define “the natural order”?

Heterosexual relationships between males and females that result in procreation and guarantees the survival of the human species.

An ad-hoc definition of the natural order.

It is how nature intended it to be. It’s how the creator intended it to be. If you don’t believe in a creator, you can fall back on nature and the natural order of life.

A healthy heterosexual relationship where man and women support each other, preferably with natural gender roles, that is a formidable force. More powerful than a man or a woman alone. This is the reason the family unit has been under attack by the social engineers for so long as their agenda is control.

At any rate, we’ve reached the queue to dive deeper and address the motives of the wicked.

Transgenderism, a satanic agenda

You might have already picked up the low-hanging fruit of ‘a depopulation agenda‘, as more more gays and transgenders equal less babies for obvious reasons but there’s more.

Chances are you have seen the satanic symbol of a creature, half goat, half man referred to as Baphomet or the goat of Mendes.

Well, that goat is actually a transgender, an androgyne, both male and female (it has boobs). The symbol was championed by a notorious satanist, ‘the wickedest man in the world’, Aleister Crowley as the “divine” androgyne.

Eliphas Levi’s drawing of the “divine” androgyne Baphomet.

Androgyny appears to be the ultimate expression of satanism. Some become a transgender themselves to pay homage. Some have to turn transgender as punishment from high ranking satanists, like the creators of the movie The Matrix. Did the brothers expose too much truth?

Deceiving the masses with stealth transgenders, convince people to become transgender or turn people transgender without them knowing, are all schemes that score high in satanism.

Christian truthers exposing the transgender, Baphomet agenda. [BitChute]

There is considerable overlap between Baphomet doctrine, freemasonry, alchemy and Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). All doctrines see the synthesis of man and woman into one, as “the perfect human”.

Mr E on the transgender-freemason-Kabbalah-paganism-satanism connection. [BitChute]

After considering Mr E’s insights, I’m of the impression that freemasonry and Kabbalah are satanic doctrines in disguise, put in another jacket or a translation of sorts, to fool bottom-rank freemasons to participate into satanic rituals without them knowing.

As a side note, the synthesis idea overlaps with transhumanism, where man synthesizes with machine.

Deliberate misinterpretation of Genesis

It needs to be pointed out that the Baphomet transgender agenda seeks to mock and insult the bible, hence God, which manifests in the rape of a story. The story of Adam and Eve.

Genesis tells us God created Adam first. When that work was done, he went ahead and created Eve from Adam’s rib.

Drawing of Adam and Eve.

Now imagine what God would have to do. He would have to write the DNA of a human being. That DNA would have to be coded to proteins to build the actual human. The “protein builders” in cells are ribosomes. Remember the rib?

There are a few ways to look at this process but at any rate, there’s the human template, DNA that male and female have in common. Then there’s the male DNA component and the female DNA component. Each component is perfect as they were created by God.

The satanic corruption of this story says, the perfect human was Adam when male and female were both “synthesized” in Adam. That’s plain wrong as the female component, the X chromosome if you like, was simply not there in Adam.

From this deliberate misinterpretation, satanists find rationale to steer humanity back to that supposed “perfect” state where male and female are synthesized in one body, physically. Behold, transgenderism.


I found a video channel that goes under the name of MrE (mystery), sometimes MreHistory or Mre3000. A one man endeavor that pumped out numerous videos and insights on the topic of transgender deception.

His Transpocalype Now series undoubtedly played a large part in a whole transvestigation movement that picked up steam from 2017 onward.

He has been deleted from the internet in past censorship campaigns but many people made backups of his material. Here are some archive channels with transvestigations and other information.

MrsAnonymous | Purge Backup 19 | Bunte World of Knete| Transpocalypse Now (MreHistory) Archives

In March 2022 however, Mr E popped up again on BitChute.
His channel is Apocalypse_Watchman.

Finally, Kim Osboel compiled a 1h30m video of Mr. E’s material on Rumble.

Extra Videos

The Gender Bender Agenda, documentary by Eric Dubay.
Rise of the Rainbow Children, documentary by KJ Ozborne. [BitChute]


  1. Excellent work! Everything in your article is laid out perfectly. Thank you for getting the truth out to those willing to listen and learn

  2. The sheer aggression, violence, both overt and covert, and the foul and depraved acts committed against women and children, plus the smear campaigns, character assassinations and ruinations of livelihoods perpetrated by TRA agenda is clear evidence that this agenda is indeed Satanic. I know that all the modernist agendas are satanic, but this one is the most repulsive of all!
    I wonder sometimes is God allowing it as a rebuke for legalised child-murder, abortion and for allowing sodomites so much power and privilege that they can flaunt their grave sinfulness with their Deadly Sin of Pride marches, and call their unnatural unions “marriage”!
    God won’t be mocked though and He won’t be allowing it much longer! He wins! The devil will loose and so will all those who don’t repent in time! Viva Christo Rey! Christus Vincit!

  3. This artificial agenda is now being aggressively forced on traditionally Christian countries – those with traditionally Caucasian majority populations. At present, we do not yet see this being so aggressively pushed into traditional Muslim countries – those with traditional Arabic or Sub-Continental Asian populations. Why? Because the ‘elites’ that have incrementally gained political power in western countries, over decades since 1945, have not yet completely infiltrated these other cultures, and lack the required political power to forcibly push this agenda onto those populations. One of reason for latter is, these other counties restrict ‘secularists’ and ‘outsiders’ from high public office. This is a form of civilization self protection from external influences that they believe may prove corrosive to an existing and long standing culture. Now, historically, this was also how the Eastern Christian Holy Roman Empire also worked – based in Constantinople, and known as ‘Byzantium’ – it kept non Christian outsiders, such as Jews and Muslims, out of any ranking political or military position. The result was that the Eastern Roman Christian Empire and its civilization lasted 900 years longer than its western counterpart, the Western Christian Holy Roman Empire based in Rome. After the eventual collapse of Byzantium, it was medieval Russia that would became the spiritual heir to the Eastern Christian Holy Roman Empire. Russia absorbed the Byzantine Orthodox Christian Church, and absorbed the Byzantine two headed eagle standard as the Russian Imperial standard, as seen on many historic Russian regional and state flag ensigns. The Byzantine two headed eagle, originally in red on yellow background, was the standard of the Eastern Christian Holy Roman Empire, and it meant to be vigilant, in protecting their civilization from any threats, either from far east or far west. The two headed eagle would eventually spread onto several other Orthodox Slavic country’s flags, following on from the Russian example. All this Byzantine historical legacy, is also the reason why the current Russian state is so effective at resisting the Globo-Homo-Trans agenda being aggressively pushed in west, by the ‘elites’ that currently reign supreme in the west/G7 nations. Now, given all this, is it any wonder that these ‘elites’, who have completely usurped political power in the western nations, hate Russia, and its absorption of the Orthodox Christian legacy, with such extreme vitriol and venom?

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