Face masks can’t stop COVID-19, unhealthy, illegal, social engineering and initiation ritual for UN Agenda 2030

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Incapable of stopping COVID-19 virus particles

The COVID-19 virus’ size has been reported to be 80, 120 or 150 nanometers (Britannica).

The best mask (3M) cannot stop particles smaller than 300 nanometers (0.3 microns).
It’s like trying to stop flies with chicken wire.

The establishment media & "health experts" then came up with the micro droplets argument.
Let’s say micro droplets are bigger than 300 nanometers. The droplets land on the mask. The liquid dissipates into the textile or vaporizes into the air. The virus particle stays behind and can go airborne into your lungs when you inhale, increasing your viral load. Or it’s blown outwards into the world when you exhale.

If you’re still not convinced, here you find links to peer-reviewed research which concludes face masks are useless and dangerous.

Health damage

CO2 measurements inside a mask. [BitChute]
Panel of 100+ doctors vote masks to be unnecessary and harmful. [BitChute]

Social engineering tool

Create fear, division, separation and dehumanization

When we see people wear masks, we think there’s a real threat. Mask wearers might be infected. People without masks might infect us. Regardless if there’s a pandemic or not, when we go out on the streets, it certainly looks like there is one. As such, it reminds us every time and propagates fear throughout societies. Fear weakens the immune system.

People that take the media as gospel won’t understand people that don’t want to wear it. Individuals that are informed, that are concerned about their rights, that don’t trust the official narrative or simply don’t want to do what they’re told (you have that right), will not want to put on the mask. As such, it creates a great division in the population. Often, mask wearers attack those that won’t, verbally and even physically.

Face masks cover our mouths and noses and rob us of our individuality and expression. Separation occurs because it blocks us from truly connecting to the people we talk to. I surely feel like I’m talking to a masked robot, zombie or slave. A silenced or subordinate person, creating a real sense of dehumanization.

Masks check multiple boxes in Albert Biderman’s chart of coercion, used to torture prisoners into compliance.

Implications of mask mandates

The government:

  • mandates masks while they don’t work.
  • violates the constitution & human rights.
  • forces you to harm your own health: a crime against humanity.
  • claims you cannot do with your own body what you want.
    • A dangerous precedent that will undoubtedly continue when the vaccines arrive.

Historically a muzzle for slaves

In the past, mouth masks were used to punish and silence slaves. The psychos behind the scamdemic must be pissing themselves, seeing people putting it on themselves, only because they believe the propaganda.

Pagan initiation ritual


The knowledge to write this chapter comes from this source or from its backup on archive.org.

Sects and cults often perform initiation rituals to introduce new members. The ceremony is meant to tear down the old way of thinking and to introduce the cult’s mindset (rules, rituals, etc.).

Strategies in the tear-down-process include isolation, repetition and trauma. Another key component is masks.

The purpose of masks in an initiation ritual

  • Ego / identity death
  • Imposed silence
  • Token of submission (to ritual master and cult mindset)
  • Signal consent for transformation
  • Signals acceptance of ‘the spirit of the mask’
    • The spirit of the mask depends on the nature of the ritual.
    • In this case, the nature of the ritual is satanism.
    • The mask wearer welcomes the spirit of satan.

How is COVID-19 related to an initiation ritual?

In context of COVID-19, mantras like ‘the new normal’ refer to repetition and trauma to our loss of freedom and violent police suppression. Isolation also induces trauma and is used as a torture technique e.g. as a severe punishment for inmates or war captives. It’s an important tool in the tear-down-process and was visible under the self-isolation measure.

To be clear, the ruling class catapulted the whole world in a global scale satanic initiation ritual. But why and what is this new mindset they try to introduce?

Part one of the why can be understood by knowing that the ruling class of our world is a satanic cult which does rituals all the time. As rituals have been used throughout history, they must be effective in achieving transformation in those that undergo it.
Surely, there’s also a factor of terrorizing the population into accepting a vaccine. Speaking of terrorizing, the cult actually went out of their way to flood the world with satanic symbolism in context of COVID-19.

For part 2 of the why and explaining the mindset, we need to understand that the ruling class is executing a plan that will give them a one world government: a dream they’ve had for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The public name for this plan is UN Agenda 2030. For people to go along in this agenda, some serious mind control (mindset) and deception is required.

UN Agenda 2030


UN Agenda 2030 has public, sugar-coated, deceptive propaganda on the website of United Nations, videos on YouTube etc.

According to the propaganda, the agenda is all about creating a sustainable world, in balance with nature where there’s no hunger, equality, rainbows and unicorns basically. In our hearts, we want this world but it’s NOT what the current ruling class will give us. Their social engineers are exploiting a desire they know we all have.

The real reasons

The new world envisioned by UN Agenda 2030, is a one world government. A global high-tech surveillance prison state, controlled by AI and drones.

UN Agenda 2030 key points

  • Global inventory & control plan of all the resources of the world
    • Resources include food, water, energy, land, production, education, animals, people and more.
    • Centralized global resource control IS a one world government (in this context)
    • Complete monitoring, tracking, tracing & control of everybody’s day-to-day lives
  • Clear out rural areas => move people to the smart mega cities
  • Communitarianism: community goals override individual’s rights
    • Community “interests” dictated by governments & corporations
    • Dissidents will be outcast
  • No private property for living and business
A compilation of Rosa Koire & James Corbett on UN Agenda 2030. [BitChute]

COVID-19 in context

Before the new world can be built, the old world has to be destroyed.

COVID-19 is the battering ram to destroy the old world: depopulate the masses, destroy the economy, make people accept loss of freedom, rights violations (because there’s a "health emergency"), introduce violent police and so on.

Once UN Agenda 2030 is completed, this is the new normal. COVID-19 is just a temporary deception to make us accept it temporarily, which is never temporarily as we should all now by now.

To be able to have AI control populations, a technological connection needs to be established between the people and the information technology infrastructure. This can be achieved by introducing nano-tech into the bodies of the people e.g. via vaccination.

The nanobots in the body are able to send and receive information using wireless communication: 5G cell towers & satellites. This technology is so far advanced that it is possible to read out the thoughts of people, and introduce thoughts artificially. Needless to say to stay away of the vaccine by all means necessary.

Nanorobotics. [BitChute]

WEF to accelerate UN Agenda 2030

Nowhere you find more black-and-white evidence that COVID-19 is a long-standing plandemic, than on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website.

In their insanely detailed COVID-19 transformation map, you can read about topics that have nothing to do with a pandemic, such as 5G, AI and global government.


We’ve started with face masks, which is a low level implementation that touches our lives right now. I hope the arguments presented suffice for you to understand there’s no reason whatsoever to wear a mask and it actually is a slippery slope into more nonsensical authoritarian measures.

The article went on to paint a high level picture to illustrate where this madness originates from. I know this information is difficult but I also know we cannot get out of this without people knowing the truth.

I deem it extremely important we resist this scamdemic in every way possible, that we don’t obey these psychopath rules. We have to unite or we’ll get picked off one by one. Fined, jailed or worse.

An idea I had for example, was to assemble in front of a store and enter together without masks. They can stop one or two people, but all the others flood the store, without masks. Record and share the event if you’re comfortable with it.

Don’t turn to violence. Ignorant workers and bystanders might get involved which is uncomfortable to say the least. In the end, they are our brothers and sisters that just don’t know better.

We can create a wonderful world. It just isn’t possible when we give control away to the psychopaths in government. I will not expand on it here, but the idea of government is immoral and promotes slavery. Crazy as that statement sounds, it is logically consistent. Watch my compilation of Mark Passio if you want to learn and understand why the statement is correct.

Once, we the people, get rid of this parasitic entity, the sky is truly the limit. I sincerely hope we won’t have to go through this hellish plan before we understand that. Given the technology that exists today, I don’t think we can get out of that once we’re in it.


  1. Great article
    I’ve been researching this all year and maybe I’m numb to it all by now

    But that last embedded video went even deeper into the nanobot/darpa technology/vaccine//5g connection than ever before & has me shitting myself.

    This is a total kill switch! I’ve been saying for months that covid is the alibi
    They have a real pandemic planned in the second wave and I couldn’t piece together exactly how, but they would blame massive, pandemic-level deaths on covid…

    This shows how. Do you have a link/title of video to find it somewhere and share it?

    I can’t remember where, but a pinch of borax in your water throughout the day is supposed to help clear out our susceptibility to this technology… alkalizing and apple cider vinegar as well…

    • I’m glad you liked the article!
      Here’s the link to the video Nanorobotics
      I also changed the page so it’s available to everybody from now on.

      I also think they’ll produce more deaths at a given point. My money is on 5G.
      They know the new frequencies will make people sick & some die, for which covid can act as a scapegoat.

      Covid also serves to destroy economies for The Great Reset (WEF) & to implement biosecurity which ties in with the technocratic agenda.
      I wrote about this in UN Agenda 30 driving force behind covid-19 if you’re interested.

  2. Thank you so much. I refused everything and read a lot, and it become every day more clear and interesting, knowing what ‘THEY’ want to reach.
    Unbelieveable, that such a lot of people (also my family and friends) are ‘following & believe & Obey’ everything ‘THEY’ say. It become lonely in my house ????
    Im a less young woman, so my life is going to an end, but for the Yong People.
    I think they need really FAST good leaders who Explain all this Information. Its difficult for them, to stand up against there parents and have there one thoughts & goals about the things going on!
    Its important that they good reach out to ‘someone’ (Contactperson Bitchute???).
    I live in the Netherlands, so please advice me, so I can inform them ??

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