Mandated nurses turn whistleblower and expose a Pandemic of the Vaccinated

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  1. Thanks so much for exposing the deception that the hospitals and the media together are propagating amongst the Canadian public. This information needs to be spread far and wide!

  2. This is clearly world war 3 against the international populace. America is the greatest threat to these Satanists.

  3. It is the same in Austria where a criminal regime has taken power through a coup. They are all puppets of the WEF and try to enforce their mass murder and enslavement agenda.

    But we now know the truth and we will go after them until they are all jailed or hang high!

  4. The Undertaker totally blew my mind! It’s not that I didn’t realize all this was a crock o’ shite before hearing him, it was his candor and the way he spoke I just knew he was being totally honest with his experiences dealing with the ‘cervesa’ virus. He was speaking the truth and not making up the incidents he told us you can tell by the way he spoke and how freely his words came out that they weren’t constructed tales like the ones we hear out of Joe Branden or any other puppet in that regime. I have been absolutely sick to the core since I found out my 27 yr old son got the jab not just once but twice I don’t know if he’s been boosted he doesn’t tell me about it any more but does it even matter at this point after 2 jabs of the Moderna mRNA poison?!?! I worry every day about his physical health in the years to come. All of these criminals who planned and began this genocide need to be tried and sentenced! I feel like we are living a Nightmare don’t you? It’s insanity in my mind nothing about this is right nor is it ethical. May God help Us All

    • It’s absolutely a nightmare.
      Basically, all systems are owned by evil people.
      Their media pumps depraved values out 24/7 and too many people roll with it.
      Those programmed people turn our society for the worse, even though they don’t know better.

      There is the hope, the more people get it and reject their shite, the better it will be.
      Surround yourself with people such possible if possible, that will make a big difference.
      So far, not too many around here 🙂

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