Considerations before taking the COVID-19 vaccine

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Experimental vaccines

Still in test phase

All COVID-19 vaccines available now are in test phase.
The people who take the vaccine now, are effectively guinea pigs.
Nobody knows the long term effects.

COVID-19 started in march 2020 and the vaccines were finished roughly six months later.

Developed faster than ever before

YearsVaccine development time
5 – 7Very fast
10 – 15Fluent to normal

Contaminated with “metals”

Japan withdrew 1.6 million Moderna doses (14m33s) stating “there’s magnetic material in the vials, it could be metals”.

When you look at the microscopy from the German doctors however, it becomes clear those metals are actually advanced biotechnologies.

Vaccine manufacturers are not liable for damages or deaths

In the US, you cannot sue Moderna or Pfizer if the COVID-19 vaccine injures or kills you.

The UK government grants legal indemnity to vaccine manufacturers.

I suspect the scenario is similar around the world. Also keep in mind, if the government would cover for vaccine damages, then it’s still tax money from the people being looted.

Also consider, what good is a compensation or freedom of travel when you’re paralyzed or dead?

Doctors warn against COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Simone Gold represents America’s Frontline doctors in her talk about COVID-19 vaccine concerns. [BitChute]
A compilation of doctors warning against the COVID-19 vaccine. [BitChute]
Ex-Pfizer scientist Michael Yeadon talks about COVID-19, vaccine dangers and how it’s impossible variations need new vaccines. [BitChute]

Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE)

Dolores Cahill PhD. molecular biologist and immunologist talks about a study showing pulminary immunopathology in mice. In layman terms, the body’s own immune response causes damage to the lungs after the vaccine. [BitChute]

Study shows past mRNA vaccines caused a deadly allergic reaction in trial animals when confronted with wild coronaviruses.
Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus

mRNA injections comparable to autoimmune disease

Dr. Andy Wakefield. [BitChute]

Infertility concerns

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon.

Wodarg and Yeadon filed a stay of action for the Pfizer vaccine. The document states 12 scientific concerns of which one is infertility.

The genetic code of the COVID-19 spike protein presents many similarities to syncytin-1 which is an essential protein for the formation of the placenta in mammals.

The vaccine can invoke an immune response against syncytin-1, making placenta formation impossible which ultimately results in miscarriage.

Completely new “vaccine” technology: mRNA

The mRNA (messenger RNA) in the vaccines is a synthetic, unnatural gene being introduced in our cells. By that mainstream description it falls under the definition of gene therapy.

Therefore, mRNA vaccines should not be called a vaccine at all, instead it should be called what it is, gene therapy.

The body codes the mRNA to proteins.
Proteins are the building blocks of the physical structure of your body.
The mRNA is synthetic so your body will code a synthetic protein.
You’ll effectively be a GMO, a genetically modified organism.

Moreover, the synthetic genes are patented by the pharmaceutical industry. Some wonder what that does to property rights over your own body and human rights.

Taking all of this in account, it seems to be a no-brainer to keep the pharmakeia out of one’s body. The question is, how many are informed and how many care?

The DNA modification discussion

The main stream media, scientists and fact checkers deny gene injections, “vaccines”, can modify our DNA, though independent scientists say otherwise.

The crux of the main stream argument banks on dated dogma that DNA to RNA to protein coding is a one way stream, while modern science discovered normal cellular house holding coding is a two way stream.

Dr. Thomas Cowan M.D., summa cum laud in biology explains why mRNA modifies our DNA and why the media claims it doesn’t. [BitChute]

Testimonies of vaccine damage and deaths

As with all internet material, one can doubt if it is real. In my personal sphere, I registered two deaths days after injecting the Pfizer vaccine. A three year old girl and a ninety year old perfectly healthy grandma. Doctors were “clueless” what the cause of death could have been…

Here are some testimonies I found for your own consideration.

At the time of writing, 1000 reported dead in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) after COVID-19 vaccination while the platform states only 1% is reported.

Somebody created a large collection of testimonies from social media but unfortunately, the platform Prezi censored it and only a partial backup is now to be found on

Brant Griner’s mother suffers spasms. [BitChute]
Shawn Skelton suffers what seems an auto-immune response on her tongue and spasms. [BitChute]
Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover fainted and died later. Her hospital tried to deny it on Twitter but the father spoke out. [BitChute]
Nurse Khalilah Mitchell suffers from Bells Palsy (face half paralyzed)… [BitChute]

Classic vaccines are dangerous too

Classic vaccines contain toxic heavy metals like mercury, aluminum and other nasty ingredients like aborted fetal cells, animal cells, glyphosate, formaldehyde…

Check the ingredients for yourself on
The activist behind the website, Brandy Vaughn, has been murdered in 2020 but for now the website is still running.


  1. The only solution is not to take this ‘vaccine’ (this is not a vaccine, it’s a vehicle for something else with mRNA).

    Just don’t take it and try to convince loved ones not to take it and if they do, prepare to lose them one way or another.

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