COVID-19 “vaccine” microscopy reveals moving micro components with sharp edges, wires, ribbons and grids


German doctors’ microscopy live feed on September 20th, 2021

Thirty minute cut from 2h40m live feed from the Pathology Conference with microscopy from multiple vaccines on September 20th, 2021. [BitChute]

Full video.
Pathology Conference website.

Key observations

Observe for yourself in the video and image gallery.

  • Metallic rectangular, triangle, rhombus and “knife” shapes with sharp edges.
  • Large metallic looking ribbons.
  • Synthetic wires.
  • One object resembles a plane or a submarine.
  • Square edge grids with unknown moving dots.
  • A complex multilayered structure with square edges.
  • Blood plates often aggregate and stack around these objects (clotting).
  • The content moves, seems “alive”.

Image gallery

Earlier work from the German doctors

Dutch observations even further back in time

More microscopy

In Graphene Gate, you’ll find more microscopy from La Quinta Columna and Robert Young.

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