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La Quinta Columna – part 1

Their message

La Quinta Columna is a group of Spanish scientists that investigated COVID-19 vaccines in the laboratory of Almeria. They’ve been sending out their findings continuously into the world via video streams ever since. Their message in short goes like this.

All COVID-19 disease symptoms are the result of deliberate graphene oxide poisoning and electromagnetic radiation poisoning.

Graphene oxide is in vaccines, in PCR tests and lateral flow swabs, in masks, in packaged meats, in tap water, bottled water and even rain water.

Biostatisticus Ricardo Delgado’s bombshell video that kicked off graphene gate on approximately 28th of June 2021. [BitChute]

La Quinta Columna’s electron microscopy exposed graphene oxide (GO) in vaccines. GO is not listed as an ingredient by vaccine manufacturers.

Pfizer (RD1) compared to a literature photo of graphene oxide (Choucair). RD1 stands for Ricardo Delgado who requested the lab work which was done by Pablo Campra.

Be sure to check Pablo Campra’s lab work, published on under the title “ANÁLISIS DEL INFORME PRELIMINAR OFICIAL DEL ANÁLISIS DE LA VACUNA” or the English translation HERE.

Symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning

  • GO disrupts the immune system by causing oxidative stress.
  • GO depletes glutathione levels, the most important antioxidant.
    • GO blocks detoxification by blocking glutathione.
    • GO can trigger a cytokine storm when all glutathione is depleted.
  • GO creates thromboses.
  • GO causes blood clots.
  • GO causes inflammation of the mucous membranes.
  • GO inhaled can instigate pneumonia.
  • GO creates a metallic taste in the mouth.
  • GO produces a loss in the sense of taste and smell.
  • GO absorbs EM frequencies causing increased oxidative stress.

Other properties of graphene oxide

  • GO binds proteins to its edges resulting in a protein ring or crown, referred to as 2D bio-coronated GO flakes.
  • GO passes through the blood-brain barrier so it can end up in the brain.
  • GO is magnetic at room temperature, especially at the injection site.
  • GO has absorption bands in the 4G and 5G wireless frequency spectrum.

Graphene oxide explains exotic phenomena

Engineering a pandemic

We now have all pieces of a puzzle to engineer a pandemic and mass murder.

Poison the world with graphene oxide in flu vaccines in 2019, in food, water and air.
Poison the world with 5G irradiation at the beginning of 2020.
People got sick in Wuhan (China), Lombardia (Italy) and New York (U.S).

The media dramatizes the events causing *fear.
People get scared and fall back on misplaced trust in the government and its killer protocols.

Government imposes protocols that promote illness and death like GO tests, GO masks, GO vaccination, the killer hospital protocol of intubation…
Government sabotages the economy for small businesses which causes stress and financial problems.
Ban *N-acetylcysteine (NAC) which has the ability to restore depleted glutathione levels.
Ban *Ivermectin & *Hydroxychloroquine which allegedly is very effective against the disease image labeled as “covid”.

Target individuals with 5G beams if necessary to induce synergistic GO-EM radiation poisoning. On a side note, notice when you pronounce GO-EM, it sounds like goyim.

* Stress is known to deteriorate the immune system.
* Fear, especially for a prolonged fear demolishes ones health.
* A word of caution before running off buying NAC or glutathione supplements and one has to wonder if anything can be trusted from the pharmaceutical industry.
* Though Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine could help, again, I don’t trust anything from the pharmaceutical industry. There are reports e.g. from Robert Young that show parasites in the vial content. These drugs kill parasites. I also suspect these drugs could aid in oxygen transfer or uptake after EM radiation caused havoc. Though I’m not sure about the parasite matter, nor the oxygen matter, if that would be true, it makes sense to ban these drugs to suppress that information from coming out.

Others jumping on the GO bandwagon

Remarks and criticism in italics.

Pharmaceutical researcher Jane Ruby showed up on the Stew Peters Show deeming La Quinta Columna’s work credible and alarming.

I agree LQC’s work looks credible but miss Ruby and me thinking that doesn’t add to the weight of proof.

Biophysical researcher Andreas Kalcker says in a LQC video he confirmed graphene oxide in vaccines using electron microscopy.

Yet I cannot find photos or videos from that research on his website or elsewhere.

Pharmaceutical business analyst Karen Kingston also appeared on the Stew Peters Show claiming 100 percent, GO is in all vaccines based on lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) like Moderna and Pfizer. More precisely, the PEGs on the outer lipid shell of the LNPs would contain graphene oxide.

Unfortunately, Kingston went out of her way to make it seem as if PEG manufacturer Sinopeg wrote that on their website under COVID-19 vaccine excipients. Turns out however after a closer look on the site, she was actually showing a Sinopeg news page. In my books, that’s deception.

Doctor Robert Young published an article with electron microscopy photos of vaccines on his website.

Ramola D. video interviewed him in context of this work, Jane Ruby did a shorter coverage of his material and The Resistance 1776 did the most recent interview with Young.

Dr. Young adds new material to the discussion e.g. he found parasites, stainless steel composites and confirms graphene oxide according to his standards.

Related or not, shortly after, Japan withdrew 1.6 million Moderna doses stating “there’s magnetic material in the vials, it could be metals”.

I compared his parasite picture with pictures on the web. The contours differ too much to my taste to be a conclusive match. The vaccine “parasite” looks micro-mechanical to me, reflected in his material analysis which shows metals.

A little later I found information saying the parasite Young mentioned, Trypanosoma Cruzi, can cause myocarditis.

At any rate, those particles don’t belong in “vaccines” and it’s a great find.

Follow the money

The European commission provided 1 billion euro in funds for Graphene Flagship, a project mainly concerned with using graphene for futuristic electronics. One focus of Graphene Flagship is biomedical applications like biosensors, implants and graphene-based drug delivery systems.

Graphene Flagship has an interesting panel for their ethics advisory board. Including Ursula Hohlneicher, a senior compliance officer from vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca. She’s responsible for Graphene Flagship’s compliance in regard to graphene and health applications. Also on the board, is Steven Savage, a research director from the Swedish Defence Research Agency. How reassuring.

Graphene Flagship’s focus on graphene-based neural implants led to a spin-off company Inbrain located in Spain.

The European Commission’s interest in the human brain becomes even more clear with the Horizon 2020 umbrella project, reflected in their funding that pilled up to 30 billion euro.

Remarkable to see how much European tax payer money is wasted on graphene and obtaining intimate knowledge of our brains. Supposedly this knowledge is meant to “help us” and it would never be used against us (sarcasm).

Coming back to LQC’s claims graphene oxide is in the vaccines, these European projects sure do provide a great cover for the financial and material flows such an operation would generate, if not blatantly stealing tax money to fund it.

Graphene, mind control and 5G

Optical neural modulation with near-infrared light.
Note, light ís electromagnetic radiation, only with very high frequencies.
Graphene can be created to correspond to other frequencies as well.

You can activate neurons if you are able to heat them up.

Nanoparticles can be engineered to pass the blood-brain barrier so they end up in the brain. Nanoparticles can be engineered to bind to specific cells e.g. neurons.

Different forms of graphene oxide absorb 4G and 5G frequencies like 2.4, 5, 26, 42 GHz and so on. When GO absorbs these frequencies, it heats up.

If the GO is attached to a neuron, the neuron will heat up which changes its electric potential.

Another point of entry, using the same logic, is GO attaching to temperature-activated ion channels, or one could introduce genetic code into the neuron that codes to an ion channel that responds to radio frequencies.

The field of neuronal control via radio frequencies is called radiogenetics. Rockefeller university clearly took interest in this field as we can see from their articles, like ‘Radiogenetics’ seeks to remotely control cells and genes or Flipping a Switch Inside the Head and its patent. Predecessors of the newer radiogenetics and magnetogenetics are optogenetics which uses light and chemogenetics which uses chemicals.

Here’s another interesting train of thought concerning the speed of thoughts versus 1.2 nanometer carbon tubes and 41.6 GHz frequencies (5G range).

Graphene symbology

The link between the hexagon graphene icon and occult symbolism.

Researcher Mik Andersen

On his now decommissioned website, Mik Andersen published documents explaining the technology in C19 injections.

The documents explain the concepts of intracorporeal nanonetworks, nanoantennas, nanorouters, graphene quantum dots… Graphene biotechnologies.

You can still find his work scattered over the internet.

La Quinta Columna – part 2

Nanorouters and nanoantennas

In the video, Delgado goes over a PDF from Mik Andersen.

Conference of La Quinta Columna, Seville, March 19, 2023.

A three hour conference titled ‘The Game is Over’, where Ricardo Delgado explains everything of relevance in regard to graphene oxide in vaccines and other products. Delgado does a live microscopy session on multiple vaccines.

Who are the people of La Quinta Columna?

La Quinta Columna is Ricardo Delgado Martin’s blog which mainly contains links to scientific articles about GO and 5G.

Basically all their videos are in Spanish with Ricardo Delgado Martin and José Luis Sevillano as the hosts and main speakers. Their Spanish connections reflect in their content, as they take interest in Chile and their 5G president, the 2019 GO flu vaccine in Argentina and the 5G rollout in Brazil.

As all content is in Spanish, a blog called fills in the gap by translating and subtitling La Quinta Columna’s content to English. publishes the videos on its blog, Bitchute and Rumble. His account alias on both video platforms is Orwellito.’s translations play an important role but the blog states it’s not affiliated with La Quinta Columna.

La Quinta Columna (LQC) streams regularly on their Facebook page with 27 500 followers at the time of writing. Looking at the profile picture and the name of the page, it actually belongs to Delgado’s girlfriend. Recently LQC started streaming on Twitch.

José Luis Sevillano is a Spanish house doctor who lives in France. I checked his house or practice on Google Maps. The house and the area look rather modest.

Professor Pablo Campra performed the electron microscopy lab work in the university of Almeria.

Police officer Rafael Navarro (cop 225) obtained the Pfizer vial. It’s mentioned by Delgado there’s a chain of custody.

Delgado then sent the vial to the university of Almeria via the postal service.

Virologist Martìn Monteverde exposed GO in the 2019 flu vaccine and science corruption in the COVID-19 debacle.

This listing is non-exhaustive. There are many other people that make an appearance in their videos.

The name Delgado

Scouting the web for the name Ricardo Delgado didn’t yield much information.

I did find however there are quite some people with the name Delgado working for the World Bank and United Nations, true globalist organizations. It’s not clear if these people are family or merely share the name. Delgado however has a master in banking and finance, as stated on

There’s another noteworthy name share with José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado, a pioneer in mind control with the iconic footage from 1960 of a bull with a wireless mind control device surgically attached to its head.

José Rodriguez Delgado implanted electrodes into a bull’s brain.
The electrodes were controllable via radio frequency.
The bull would stop its charge by Delgado pushing a button on a remote control.
As this was accomplished in 1960, imagine what can be accomplished today.


LQC brings awareness to 5G mind control by pointing out the Chilean president literally spelled out machines can read and modify our thoughts on a 5G conference.

Squabbles, deceptions and symbolism

Delgado shows own photo, says it’s from the literature

Delgado presenting his own photo as a literature photo on 2m55s .
Timed at the moment TLAV and Whitney Webb discuss Delgado’s deception.

I suppose he wanted to make his case more convincing but it’s cheating, a no-no in the truth arena.

Delgado accused Robert Young of plagiarism


Karen Kingston shows news article of GO-PEG, claims it’s COVID-19 excipients page

Kingston is not part of the LQC crew. I included it here again because it ties in with this chapter.


Symbolism in the El Gato al Agua show

The symbolism in the El Gato el Agua show was striking. The blame for the symbolism lies with the El Gato al Agua team in the first place.

I got a comment on this chapter with healthy criticism. Most points I was already aware of from my research before publishing this article.

I discussed the comment with a dear intelligent friend who has a Spanish intelligent girlfriend.

They pointed out the TV-channel Torro TV is a popular channel in Spain that pumps out truth bombs continuously. I can only applaud such endeavors. The comment also pointed out the bull is ingrained in Spanish culture e.g. bull fighting so it follows many Spanish truth seekers will get angry over this.

In the end this is a truth seeker blog and one should regard this analysis of symbolism as a possibility that could be wrong. Wrong or not, there’s stuff to learn from it so I decided to keep it.

I invite everybody to think bigger. The control structures in use today are ancient. The control it exerted has been going on for thousands of years. Could it not be that the integration of the bull and bull fighting into Spanish culture was deliberate?

Let’s not forget, a bull eventually dies in this form of entertainment.
Is that entertainment for a loving society or an animal sacrifice for a death cult?

Staying on the track of thinking bigger, surely many readers know the lies and deceptions are numerous and of huge size. At one point the question had to be asked, is the graphene oxide story a psyop?

This chapter serves as a stick in the door like, this story is important but stay alert.

Credits to La Quinta Columna

LQC educated the masses with information that brought light to phenomena for which nobody had any decent explanation. Information one can work with and test.

LQC spelled out clearly, continuously, fearlessly, this is mass murder, to a large audience.
I think it’s courageous and valuable.

The COVID-19 agenda was mass murder even before graphene oxide.
Anybody hammering that issue is doing great work.

“It’s like injecting nano razor blades”

Quote from Andreas Noack, a graphene expert who died shortly after making the video with this statement. Some think he was murdered with microwave weapons.

He also remarked that if graphene were to be injected, it would be graphene hydroxide, not graphene oxide.

Andreas Noack explains how injecting 50×0.5 nanometer graphene is like injecting razor blades. [BitChute]

More graphene oxide videos

Martín Monteverde GO in 2019 flu vaccines 4m55s

Campra clarification: Hexane dissolved PEG and lipid outer shell.
Rebutting biologists for truth’s claim photos are from PEGs.

Jane Ruby comments on La Quinta Columna graphene oxide in Pfizer

Karen Kingston graphene oxide in PEG LNPs

Graphene in dentistry local anesthesia (sedation) injections

Magnetic meats (Tim Truth)

Magnetic dust on cars

Magnetic tap water

Magnetic Pellegrino water from Nestle

Delgado GO blood clotting

Ricardo Delgado measuring volts and EMFs from a magnetized head

Charles Hoffe: D-dimer blood clot test

GO sheets found in rainwater (Delgado)

José Luis Sevillano “it’s all about control

José Luis Sevillano “GO key to everything”

Biocompatibility of graphene oxide (Russ Brown)

Big magnet pulls sub-dermal magnet to a visible ball under the skin

Geiger counter near 5G towers

Chilean president Pinera 5G mind control

Delgado’s altruistic plea

Silas Speaks
Graphene Oxide: A Way to Kill and Control?

Rice teslaphoresis, carbon nanotubes form wires under an electric field

1.2nm nanotubes and 46 GHz same speed as human thoughts

An overview by The Resistance 1776


  1. Nice collection of info, but for two things: 1) Everywhere in the world there might be thousands of people with the same family name with no family connection whatsoever between them, or even people with the same first name and family name being different persons. 2) Regarding the tv program, El Gato al Agua’s title makes reference to a Spanish colloquial expression and its logo simply is the consonant g, from gato (cat). The program belongs to the tv channel Toro Tv and, logically, its logo is a bull, animal with a long-standing tradition in the country’s culture and identity (…have you ever heard about toreo/bullfighting or have you seen the beautiful and huge size panels of Osborne’s bull in Spanish roads, originally an advertising icon for a brandy?). As for the presenter, J.J. Esparza, apart from being a great professional, he simply covers his eye because of an accident or physical problem in the eye. So there is no satanic or masonic symbolism at all. You make associations with no basis and deeply based on ignorance about the tv program, the tv channel and the tv presenter, as well as about Spanish language and culture. I would say “you see what you want to see”, like the so-called biomedical scientists or researchers. Please search for the explanation (reason, origin, choice) of La Quinta Columna’s logo in the Telegram channel.

    • Thank you for reading and making great points.

      I considered this comment carefully and discussed it with friends. It pushed me to rewriting the end of this article which had to happen anyway at some point.

  2. Thanks! Incredibly helpful in analyzing the various vids and articles about the La Quinta Columna material and the graphene oxide questions.

  3. If any vaccine is administered incorrectly, it can cause injuries. If a substance meant for intra-muscular injection is given into a blood vessel, that could account for most of the problems we’re seeing. Exotic tech/ genetic mind control or whatever is a smoke screen, to make people fear the only defense against bio-warfare. A super strain of covid could then easily eliminate the non-compliant. The vast majority of people would not know if the vaccine was administered incorrectly, so in this sense it’s probably quite easy to intentionally use it to harm people and discourage future vaccine use.

  4. In the video titled “Delgado presenting his own photo as a literature photo on 2m55s “, the photo presented on 2m55s is a graphene photo obtained from the literature, not a photo of the vaccine sample analyzed by LQC…

    On 3m14 he compares the graphene of the vaccine sample analyzed by LQC (left) and the graphene that appears in the literature (right), which is the same photo that he has shown in 2m55s…

    I have been with LQC since this whole circus began, and I can assure you that there is nothing dark or weird behind this investigation, which has been totally transparent.

    LQC began by investigating the magnetism presented by the inoculated, and it was a Uruguayan doctor interviewed at LQC (Maria José Torres), and who practiced biomagnetism therapies, who suggested that the possible causes of the magnetism of the vaccinated could be the inoculation of magnetite or graphene.

    LQC began to investigate and the magnetite was discarded, and after a time of in-depth investigation, it was found that graphene was most likely the inoculated material.

    Thank you for spreading all this information!

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