Occult symbolism surrounding COVID-19

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To make sense of the symbolism, one has to take the perspective of a satanic death cult which has its tentacles in corporations, politics, media & science.

Topics of the symbolism are COVID-19 testing, tracking & vaccination, transhumanism, AI, slavery & satanism.

London 2012 Olympics coronavirus ritual

What are dancing nurses and sick beds doing in an Olympic opening? The birds-eye view of the complex is a one on one match with coronavirus.

The black demons that come for the children made me think of this WHO mouth piece saying “we might have to remove family members from their houses”.

The performance on the Olympic Games in London 2012 was a satanic, predictive ceremony. [BitChute]

Patent number WO2020060606

The patent, which contains the numbers 2020 and 666, describes a system that reads out information of a user’s body, sends it back to a server and couples that data to a cryptocurrency system.

In context of the coronavirus, this extremely invasive technology could be used to read out the bodies of people to indicate if you’re infected or not.

The applicant of the patent is Microsoft LLC. The man behind Microsoft, Bill Gates, has invested big money in vaccination companies and ID2020 (links vaccination certificates to a digital identity). He will cash in big time if the whole world gets his (recurring) vaccines and tracking technology.

Moving ever closer to a situation where one is not able to buy or sell without a vaccine and this technology, it is a prime candidate for the mark of the beast.

Numerology of corona

1. In Gematria (numerology), the word corona calculates to 66.
2. Counting the letters of corona yields 6.
3. Putting 66 and 6 together yields 666.

H.R.6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act

In this house resolution we see again 666. Because resolutions have to have four numbers, another six is appended.


The resolution wants to test en trace everybody. A government simply has no business entertaining such constitution violating notions. To me it’s clear, the governments went rogue and carry no validity anymore.

For all of these shenanigans, a whopping budget of 100 billion dollar is available.

UK rule of 666

Stand 6 feet apart, rule of 6 (gatherings of no more than 6 people) for the next 6 months.

Outbreak was 6666 days after 9/11

The WHO identified nCov-2019 after it received a report with a number of infected people from Wuhan Municipal Health Commission on December 12 of 2019.

When you subtract November 9 of 2001 from December 12 of 2019, you get 6666.

33 in SARS-CoV-2 genome

The freemasons/freemasonry is a secret society with members in the highest ranks of business and science.

Freemasons attribute great value to the number 33. One example, there are 33 levels in the organization, the 33th being the highest level. Another is the 33 sections on the world map of the WHO logo.

The published SARS-CoV-2 genome ends with 33 A’s. As we saw before, in numerology A stands for the number 1.

Genomes of natural origin never have such blocks of identical nucleotides.

Click to see the SARS-CoV-2 genome for yourself.

AstraZeneca 666 logo and etymology

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca’s logo hides 666 in plain sight.

Astralis: relating to stars.
Senectus: very old, senility, shed snake skin.
Neco: to kill.

“star-like old senile to kill”. What could that mean?
Humans are created from star dust and the star of God’s creation.
Yet, artificial intelligence regards us as senile and wishes to kill the old human genetics.
The “shed snake skin” seems out of place, yet winks to transhumanism.

Calling our organic star seed genetics “senile” is satanic mockery.
Wanting to transform humans into transhuman cyborgs is the rape of God’s creation, also satanic.

COVID abbreviation

Officially, COVID stands for coronavirus disease.

Inside joke for the ID2020 digital ID & digital health card agendas.


From a Latin perspective.

co-: together.
-vid: from videre; to see, look at.

1: relates to A in Gematria numerology.
9: relates to I in Gematria numerology.
AI is artificial intelligence.

C = see, OVID= sheep

From the Roman family name Ovidius, which was derived from Latin ovisa sheep“. Publius Ovidius Naso, better known as Ovid, was a 1st-century BC Roman poet who was most known for his work Metamorphosis (like transhumanism?). He was sent into exile where he kept longing for Rome (the Vatican).

from behindthename.com

Ipsos MORI

Ipsos MORI is a Latin sentence and the name of a company involved in a major COVID-19 home testing program in the UK [Ipsos MORI official site].

Ipsos MORI can be translated to:

  • They die: mockery from the ruling class to the public.
  • Ourselves die: death of our free will/individuality by vaccination.
    Note: nasal swab vaccination exists. Do you trust the COVID-19 test?

LAT Quod deceat cariorem nobis esse patriam quam nosmet ipsos.
EN Because it becomes us to love our country more than ourselves.

LAT propter ipsos consulendum.
EN for its own sake.

Ipsos MORI translated from Latin to English by Google Translate.

Egyptian god of death Anubis on mobile COVID-19 testing trucks

Most people looking at the testing truck identify the logo with Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. The head is very similar and the nemes (headpiece) is characteristic to the pharaohs of Egypt.

The god of death could easily be categorized in the same spirit as the British COVID-19 testing company, named Ipsos MORI which means “they / ourselves die”.

Be aware of plausible deniability before you run to your friends 🙂
The truck belongs to a company named Aardvark, which has the animal as a logo.

To be fair, the nose of the animal doesn’t resemble the nose of your typical Anubis drawing and the nemes could be interpreted as the body & feet. It just depends on how you want to interpret it.

£20 bill

At the bottom, there’s a tower with rainbow colored circles radiating outwards spherically. Seeing it as a 5G tower wouldn’t stretch my imagination.

The logo above the tower very much resembles a typical coronavirus representation. In the center there’s a “pie” with a piece missing with a T in it, which given the context might stand for transhumanism.

Then, there are two twenties on the bill, together forming the year 2020.

Finally, the head of the “queen lizzard” is giving you a loving stare :’D

World Economic Forum logo 666

The link between WEF en COVID-19 can easily be established via its founder, Klaus Schwab, who published a book titled COVID-19: the great reset.

The great reset is a moment in history, a crisis (covid-19), that allows the implementation of a technocracy, which boils down to a prison planet with intrusive surveillance using technology going as far as inside your body (vaccine).

WEF logo original.
WEF founder Klaus Schwab.
WEF logo 666 highlighted.

Build back better 666

Once the false-flag pandemic destroyed global economies, the globalist intend to “build back better”, for them. This mantra has been repeated by heads of states all around the world.

Graphene, satanism and transhumanism

La Quinta Columna and Robert Young exposed graphene oxide in vaccines. Read more about this in Graphene Gate.

Graphene has an intimate relationship with 666.

Graphene consists of carbon atoms.

Carbon has 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 electrons.

Carbon is essential to life, yet in its graphene allotrope it’s toxic.

A common logo for graphene is three hexagons.

A hexagon, hexa meaning six, gōnia meaning angle, has six angles.

Three hexagons are thus a visual representation of 666.

There’s supposedly a big hexagon shape on the northern side of Saturn.

A fan of Saturn is in all likelihood a fan of hexagons.

Turns out Saturn worship is satanic worship.

Note how the word Saturn and satan sound similar.

By adding three specific lines to a hexagon, you get a cube.

The silhouette of this cube remains a hexagon though.

Hence, displaying a cube is a stealth way of displaying a hexagon.

Cubes are often the subject of worship.

Worship of a cube or the cube god is therefore Saturn worship or satanic worship in disguise.

More examples now we know what’s up.

I’m totally digressing, however the next pictures is so powerful it will blow your mind. With your new cube worship insights, check out this symbolism related to 9/11.

Opening ceremony for Russia’s ‘Circle of Light’ AV Festival, 2019.
A production showcasing graphene, DNA & transhumanism.

A rather random addition, YouTuber Ja De created a video production G R A P H E N E | Gaga (backup) with footage from ‘Fame (director’s cut)‘ and graphene infotainment. The Gaga footage has profound satanic vibes. In the Fame credits, we read Nathan Crowley is the production designer. According to whale.to, a direct descendant of notorious satanist Aleister Crowley.

Face masks

I wrote extensively on this topic in this article.

Face masks were used to punish slaves. As long as we accept anybody or anything to rule us, like government, we are indeed slaves.

The face mask hinders your ability to speak and it removes your expressions from your face. As such the mask communicates the removal of free speech and individuality.

People that wear masks look stupid to educated people, and are laughed at by the elites as they look like slaves in the old times.

The WHO played/plays a key role in the scamdemic and the supposed need for biosecurity which serves directly the technocratic agenda’s: UN agenda 2030, The Great Reset (WEF) & the 4th Industrial Revolution (WEF).


Coronavirus anagram

One can swap the letters of coronavirus around to carnivorous.

The anagram is the most ambiguous on this list.. It could be a wink to satanic rituals where human sacrifice and blood drinking appears to be a thing.

It could also be an inside joke to the fact that the mainstream narrative pinpoints the virus originating from carnivorous bat-eating Chinese people. Pushing the joke even further, now The US Mint came out with a new design for the quarter: a bat. Allegedly, a Samoan fruit bat in honor of the National Park of American Samoa.


  1. C = see, OVID= sheep
    C is de derde letter in het alfabet en betekent De opkomst van Abaddon ,OVID= sheep ,19
    Strong’s Hebrew: 19. אּבְחַת (ibchah) — slaughter

    • Een geapprecieerde toevoeging, dank u!

      Wikipedia: Abaddon is een demon of duivel. Hij is de heerser over het dodenrijk. Hij wordt in Openbaring 9:11 de engel van de afgrond genoemd. Zijn Hebreeuwse naam is אבדון (Avadon), wat verderf of vernietiging betekent. Zijn Griekse naam is Apollyon. Hij wordt ook wel de engel-prins van de hel genoemd.

      • Abaddon is an Angel of judgment, not of satan but of God, destroying at God’s bidding. Both Heaven and Hell claim him as an ally, other times as an enemy. It is clear that he is the Angel who will command the monstrous horde from the Abyss that will rampage over the earth in the tribulation period as Judgment approaches.

  2. Your comment:
    It could also be an inside joke to the fact that the mainstream narrative pinpoints the virus originating from carnivorous bat-eating Chinese people.

    Hmmm I think you will find it means flesh eating in any form. A bit rascist dont you think? blaming it on the Chinese? All consumption of flesh is up for question. Not just bat eating Chinese or blood sucking human eating satanists. If you consume flesh, you leave yourself way open to be consumed as well. Sorry if that offends those who wish to keep suck the life out of other animals.

    Great article by the way, very appreciative.

  3. “Implantable quantum dot microneedle vaccination delivery system”
    Can’t forget that one! Add ’em up.
    Also, Biden said something like, “If it takes six days, six weeks, or six years.”
    Plus the hand gestures these folks do, signifying the same.
    A numerical hex, thrice repeated, the spirit of obstruction, the technique of domination by stealth, the hidden hand, the sealed lips, the one-eyed vision, the worship of the liberator who frees people from the constraints of morality. As a religious studies enthusiast, that’s what I’ve gleaned of these folks’ mysterious religion and ethos. The old marriage of politics and ritual lodge activity must be considered to form adequate ideas about the nightmare corona theater we have to watch everyday now. Also, what “curve” have the various Population Councils (UN, Club of Rome, Tavistock, Johns Hopkins) been eager to “flatten” for so many decades now? The art of broadcasting one’s supreme crimes in broad daylight, as a means to get away with them!

  4. I took the covid injection does it make me an anti Christ now. I believe in my God the father saviour of the world.

    • It would definitely not make you the antichrist. Christian channels I’ve been watching think Obama is the antichrist. The most high can do and undo anything but as I understand the Christians, you have to repent and perhaps baptize.

  5. You don’t have to be Christian to believe. Even Yeshua wasn’t Christian, Christ is an office title. He was always Yeshua. All you have to do is accept his word. All the churches are unknowingly Luciferian as the Bible itself has been edited into that. Look in the ancient Greek Bible translate and compare.

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