Magnetic People

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The magnet challenge is a viral trend that opens people’s eyes abruptly to the fishy nature of COVID-19 vaccines.

The concept is simple, put a magnet where the needle penetrated the skin and observe if it sticks. More often than not, it does.

People experimenting with the magnet challenge advise neodymium magnets, simply because they are powerful while being small and light but then again, simple fridge magnets stuck too in multiple reports.

Vaccine manufacturers report no magnetic components in their products which is in direct conflict with experimental observations by the many. At the very least, vaccine manufacturers are not honest about the ingredients or they are grossly incompetent.

MagnetGate: Full Documentary 2021 by Tim Truth.
The Magnet Challenge with Dr. T in the UK, by Not On the Beeb.

MagnetGate 2 by Tim Truth.

Magnetized nose and forehead from swabs

Swab Science: invasion & destruction provided plenty of information to make clear one better steers far away from the nasal test swabs. Now, another argument, magnetism, is added to the list.

Russian men cut out magnetic black speck from injection site

Puppets in panic mode

Fact checkers unanimously state the phenomenon is fake which is analogous to going to a village hit by a hurricane and saying there was no hurricane.

As the magnet challenge gained momentum, the NHS came out with a bizarre statement neodymium magnet sales should be banned, supposedly because children often swallow them due to the aftermath of a TikTok trend.

NHS claims swallowing a magnet is dangerous which is unlikely as magnets pass through the digestive tract and exit through the rear end like any other substance that cannot be digested.

Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets flood the internet with stories of carnage due to children swallowing magnets.

I’m sure for many critical observers, the media, the fact checkers and the NHS look like monkeys jumping through hoops.

Purpose of magnetic vaccines?

Why vaccines carry magnetic content and for what purpose is anybody’s guess. We do know vaccines from e.g. Pfizer and Moderna contain nanoparticles while globalists openly salivate over transhumanism in their propaganda.

Due to the full blown clandestine nature of the supposed pandemic, the context exists to deem these criminals capable of incorporating biotech without informed consent from those that get vaccinated.

With that information in mind, let’s scout some studies.

Remotely triggered gene therapy

Magnetic nanoparticles are coined in remotely triggered DNA vaccines using electromagnetic fields. Simplified, they can use wifi or cell towers to have the magnetic nanoparticles release genes which your body will transform into proteins, the physical building blocks of our bodies.

Magnetic nanoparticle imaging

Magnetic nanoparticles in the body can be viewed with MRI-scanners (magnetic resonance imaging). It could be used for obtaining information from inside the body and perhaps for tagging.

Magnetic hydrogel

Hydrogel is the prime suspect in converting people transhuman. In my ongoing quest, I bumped on this noteworthy article.


  1. I can get a spoon to “magnetically” stick to my chest. Get A grip of yourself.

    • We also tried with spoons. We are not magnetic but were able to make spoons hang on the skin after a few tries. If the spoon has enough curvature and some skin fat to work with, it can stick without magnetism.

      There are videos though that aren’t so easy to explain like cell phones sticking, a magnet jumping onto the skin, people that pull up a lump at the injection site with a heavy magnet and so on.

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