Pollution in Food, Water and Air

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The featured picture of this article is beautiful but don’t be mistaken. An honest look at the state of our environment is a punch to the stomach.

A compilation of common people exposing environmental attacks in day-to-day consumption products.


Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary by Collective Evolution.


5G EMF radiation poisoning confirmed in the Netherlands.
Magnetic particles in rain residue in Europe.
White microfiber aerosols connection to synthetic spider webs.
Payday Monsanto (channel) making the case for smart dust swarm robotics.


Microfibers in restaurant food.


More important than asking why, is acknowledging that it is there, which on it’s own is reason enough to do something about it in whichever way is suitable. Why matters, yet at the same time, it doesn’t, because it should just be removed, whatever the reason was. With that out of the way…

What is the goal of poisoning?
To maim, kill and destroy.

To weaken populations physically, to dumb down populations, to chemically alter behaviors, for experimentation purposes and depopulation.

But there’s another reason, which is the most important reason in my view, and at the same time the most harrowing and undigestable reason.

To infiltrate bodies with biotechnologies to advance the transhumanism agenda.

Suppressing bodily defense systems with aluminum, barium, strontium, graphene oxide and what not, is a part of that agenda.

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