COVID-19 test could technically be nasal vaccine

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The vigilant are aware of DNA-modification capabilities of the COVID-19 mRNA-vaccines.

The distrusting deem it plausible nanorobotics, via hydrogel or otherwise, could be in the vaccine.

Doctor Carrie Madej voiced her concerns publicly after finding out that information.

The research in the picture is in the public domain and describes how nasal swabs used for covid testing, could be used to incorporate the fore-mentioned concerns.

Research papers explain how nasal swabs can be used for vaccination.

Research paper sources

Johns Hopkins developed Theragrippers for nasal drug delivery

Visit Johns Hopkins Theragripper page.

Theragrippers on a nose swab.
Theragripper close-up


      • Hey do you think all PCR tests have this? I’m scared for my loved ones that were in the hospital before the news got out about what’s been on these things

        • I think so but it’s better to verify by grabbing one of the tests somehow and have a close look at them yourself.
          Maybe you know a friend who works at the hospital? Or you can ask a few for to “do more testing at home”, pay them if need be.
          If you find them nasties, video tape it and sue perhaps, blaze it on the internet.
          Letting the swabs do their thing in saliva or nose slime in a petri dish would be interesting..
          You’d have to keep it at body temperature for best results I think.

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