Pfizer vaccine capable of DNA modification and introduction of hydrogel cyborg technology

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A report of my investigation into the Pfizer vaccine based on the information provided on the UK government website.

We zoom in on how mRNA vaccines work, lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), DNA modification concerns and the capability of LNPs to introduce the transhumanist technology hydrogel.


Edit 2nd March 2022: The concerns of mRNA modifying the DNA of the vaccinated have been confirmed in a Switzerland study.

Links used in the video

More information for your consideration

Mainstream arguments to consider before taking the vaccine.

More confirmation mRNA modifies our DNA by Thomas Cowan M.D.

Hydrogel whistleblower Celeste Solum on hydrogel.

*Correction at the end of the video:
Celeste worked for FEMA, not DARPA.


  1. In short Satan has created a Technocracy based AI Virtual Augmented Realty Smart Dust Confinement Dome within Yahuah’s Enclosed System; thus inverting, polluting, twisting and copying His creation. Satan’s AI digitalized world includes an avatar / surrogate for each human within his digitalized Matrix; capable of influencing individuals decisions via NanoTech that is already in our bodies via GMO’s and Chemtrails. We are talking a real life “Hunger Games” and “Surrogates” scenario! One needs to be conscious of all their actions making sure they are not being influenced via the enmity within that is looking to take over nor Satan’s Avatar / Surrogate of such Targeted Individual. This smart dust confinement dome is capable of Holographic planes and UFO’s w/ V2K Voice to Skull technology and much more. Satan’s AI Live Augmented Virtual Realty Artificial Sky Canopy is hiding Yahuah’s real Sun, Moon and Constellations while replacing it with Satan’s artificial Planet and Constellation Simulations. Yeshua is our only saving grace; our job as Christians is to seek out the Lost until the end. Yeshua said “It is Finished”; thus we just need to keep “fighting the good fight” until death; which is life in Christ.

    • Thank you Edwin, that’s great input.
      I share the same view point though I tend to steer away from religious context.
      Not so much that it couldn’t be correct, but to prevent division and cut out sources of confusion.
      Also I suspect the bible has been edited by the powers that shouldn’t be, and because religion in general in all likelihood was created to create division.
      Spirituality is a very personal thing. One can always listen to other people but institutionalized spirituality in my viewpoint isn’t true spirituality.
      Just some thoughts and a big thank you!

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