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Definition, origins and observations

Morgellons were first discovered around 2004 when people reported to suffer from sores and from these sores, grew filaments or fibers. The condition is called Morgellons syndrome or Morgellons disease.

A filament exiting the skin (Morgellons syndrome).
Considerable force is needed to pull it loose. Pictures from this video.

Independent scientists have been studying the phenomenon and this is what they discovered.

  • Morgellons fibers are synthetic biology.
  • The fibers are able to grow inside and outside the body.
  • The fibers are present in air, water and soil because airplanes are dumping aerosols that contain Morgellons fibers into the atmosphere also known as stratospheric aerosol injection.
  • The fibers are virtually indestructible: acids won't dissolve them and a Bunsen burner can't vaporize them.
  • Desiccated (freeze-dried) blood cells have been found inside some of the fibers.
  • Everybody and everything is infected with this synthetic life form or technology.
  • Only people that react more strongly to the fibers (Morgellons syndrome) notice them as itchy sores and sensations of crawling bugs under the skin.
  • There's a wide variety of Morgellon types. Some create networks, others create structures.

The red wine spit test

An easy method to verify you have Morgellons, is the red wine spit test. From own experience, the test was repeatable. Organic dark red wine is recommended.

  1. Fill your mouth with red wine and swirl around the wine for 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Spit the wine in a dish or a bowl, just a thin layer. You will see black dots and strings in the wine.
  3. Add drops of pure alcohol to the wine.
  4. In areas where the alcohol meets the wine, the black dots and string will start squirming.
  5. Control: doing the same with wine that has not been in the mouth will not produce this phenomenon.

My friends did the red wine test just like the videos above with alcohol and observed the squirming clumps, October 2022.

The USB microscope video recordings of my own red wine spit you can watch bellow, December 2022.

Mainstream science denial

Doctors often regard Morgellons patients to suffer from "delusional parasitosis", basically calling them crazy. They go on to brush off patients saying the fibers growing from the wounds are just textile, yet lab analysis cannot identify the materials.

Such scientists and doctors want to drug and sedate the victims with psycho-therapeutics as we can read in this study. It's a protocol to silence people and a protocol we see in many other areas.

Scientist Clifford Carnicom presented his findings to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) but they denied his request to research further.

Mainstream science “admission”

A *study from 2018: 'History of Morgellons disease: from delusion to definition' admitted Morgellons is a physical disorder and not a mental disorder. Their reasoning goes no further than stating they see something happen that looks like a known spiral-shape bacteria from the Spirochete order.

If you look at photos from Spirochetes on the internet, you will find none of them resemble what independent Morgellons investigations are documenting.

Another admission we find in a study found on Europe PMC (PubMed Central). Questions like "What are these things made of ?" and "Where are these things coming from?" are not answered, perhaps not even asked. I can't say because I can't focus on a paper of scientists that are in my opinion playing dumb.

Mind you you, there's more than a decade of independent research and an internet riddled with videos and information on this topic IF one wants to find as we will see soon.

* The study has been deleted at the time of writing October 30th, 2022, though it's on
** I checked again on November 10th, 2022 and the study is up again...

Research from independent scientists

Clifford Carnicom

Clifford Carnicom is the first researcher to extensively research Morgellons, for approximately 20 years. You'll find tons of information on his website under the menu item 'research'.

He wrote all his findings down in research papers. Here's the page with a list of all research papers by date, alternatively you can navigate to the XML sitemap overview of the papers.

Carnicom also has many handwritten notebooks that according to him contain valuable information you won't find on the website. He did not have the time process and publish them as articles. He did however scan the notebooks and publish them in HTML and PDF formats.

A microscope time lapse of Morgellons growing. The image (GIF) comes from this article on Clifford Carnicom's website.

A selection of articles from

A selection of videos from Clifford Carnicom

Hildegarde Staninger

Jan Smith

A woman who suffered Morgellons syndrome and decided to microscope everything that came out of her body. She went ahead to try connect her findings with nanotechnology scientific papers.

She's doesn't have a scientific degree but she does apply the scientific method.

She also appear a few time on the radio shows.

Morgellons Radio Specials by

Sofia Smallstorm

Sofia Smallstorm was able to provide more context and paint a bigger picture. She gave presentations on conferences of which you find two video tapes below. Her website is

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life - The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology.
From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Living in the Manhattan project (Electromagnetic Biology).


The most important aspect of solving any problem is to address the cause.

Once the causing factor has been neutralized, the real healing can start. You can "heal" now too but that's like trying to drain a place where a tap is running non stop.

Chemtrails have to stop

Easier said than done however, how many of those involved in these operations knew they were transforming everybody into a cyborg? They have most likely been fed one of these lies.

  1. You're chemtrailing to stop global warming and to save the planet.
  2. You're chemtrailing to create a shield against electromagnetic attacks.
  3. We will harm some but save the many.

Hence, by informing the world about this diabolical agenda and by proving it with USB-microscopes and the red wine test, the shift will come that halts these operations. In case the sprayer planes somehow keep flying (drones), the 'cleaned out' military will have to take them down.

In regard to GMO food, common sense dictates it would not even be in the shelves. As that isn't to be expected any time soon, grow your own or, and find farmers that grow biological produce.

Cleansing and detoxing

This chapter needs more fleshing out on my part for now.

Dana Ashlie discusses Morgellons and borax as a possible remedy.


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