Airplanes dumping chemtrails, the resulting skies, activists confronting geoengineers and neurosurgeon Blaylock on the health impacts.
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Chemtrails is a contraction of chemical and trails, comparable to the term contrails, a contraction of condensation and trails. Contrails are a natural phenomenon while chemtrails are not.

The term chemtrails originated in the military though now, organized discrediting and disinformation campaigns engineered public opinion to deem anyone coining the term a conspiracy theorist.

Public arena

Establishment media and scientists refer to chemtrails as solar radiation management (SRM) which is a discipline that falls under the umbrella of geoengineering. Geoengineering is a study option e.g. at Harvard.

The official explanation for chemtrails states it’s a strategy being considered in a desperate attempt to stop global warming by creating artificial clouds using SRM. Sun rays reflected off the artificial clouds would as such not be able to cause a greenhouse warming effect, as do normal clouds.

Unofficially though very visible, a global operation of spraying the skies has been ongoing since 1998.

Plausible deniability

The main method of discrediting the subject is by claiming chemtrails are contrails and by ridiculing concerned people to be conspiracy theorists.

Contrails and chemtrails can easily by differentiated though. A contrail doesn’t last longer than a minute, especially with modern planes which are virtually incapable of producing contrails, while chemtrails span from horizon to horizon, linger, expand, and create a white, toxic looking haze.


Chemtrails have a wide range of applications.

Weather modification

Chemtrails can be used to make it rain, through cloud seeding. Contrarily using a different chemical mix, they can also stop it from raining. While SRM creates artificial clouds to supposedly halt global warming.

Global warming is a hoax though which serves as an excuse to rationalize chemtrails and the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development, which is a resource grab by the super rich under the guise of saving the world through sustainable economies and green communism.

CO2 is not the cause of global warming.
The war on carbon dioxide is just another anti-life agenda.
CO2 is plant food. No CO2, no plants.

Weather warfare & military applications

Stop it from raining can be extended to creating large periods of droughts, capable of pulling whole nations to its knees.

Chemtrails often contain signature metallic nanoparticles like aluminum, barium and strontium. All are harmful to biologic systems.

The metallic particles can serve as electromagnetic conductors for large ground based ionospheric heaters called HAARP, which are basically fields of antennas that beam microwaves into the atmosphere. As such, the operators are able to create large areas of warm air which can be used to redirect hurricanes or create them.

HAARP antenna field for weather modification.

The HAARP stations can create electromagnetic waves with frequencies that vibrate with tectonic layers. Effectively, the ground stations bounce the waves off layers in the atmosphere to the site where an earthquake is desired. Independent journalists suspected the Fukushima nuclear meltdown was caused by a man-made earthquake.

Atmospheric metals can also serve as shields to block radar surveillance and directed energy attacks.

For these reasons, the military coined weather warfare as a force multiplier.

Chemtrails, agriculture & flora

Aluminum falls from the skies onto the lands where crops grow. Crops don’t fare too well on the aluminum saturated soil. Moreover, the crops absorb the particles through the water into their leaves eventually, were they reflect sunlight, decreasing their capacity for photosynthesis.

Curiously, there are patents for crops that are resistant to aluminum saturated soils. It’s easy to see then, how chemtrails serve to create agricultural monopolies.

Dumbing down populations

Aluminum nanoparticles inhaled are able to travel through the nose, into the brain, where they’ll cause Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum in general causes inflammation where ever it might land in the body.

Anti-life agenda and depopulation

By blocking out the sun, chemtrails are an attack on all life on earth. Humans need sunlight for vitamin D. Crops need sunlight for photosynthesis or they can’t grow.

The metals are plain harmful to the health of humans, animals, plants and trees. Moreover, the metals in our bodies make us more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation poisoning. We’re exposed to electromagnetic radiation from all sides like cell towers, cell phones, laptops, 5G satellites and so on.

Researchers and activists

Dane Wigington is a long standing activist against geoengineering and hosts the website

Patrick Roddie was a formidable activist. He got evicted from his residency by a dodgy land lord situation and is now off the radar.

Michael J. Murphy produced the documentary ‘What in the world are they spraying‘. It’s a mix of own footage and internet videos so it might not look slick at times. That said, the documentary contains invaluable information. Shortly after Murphy’s production, he fell victim to character assassination.

His Facebook account got hacked and the hacker started to post outrageous stuff in his name. Michael warned on a few occasions about his hacked account.


These scientists tried to rationalize geoengineering in the public arena.

  • David Keith
  • Ken Caldeira
  • Alan Robock

Morgellons disease

More information

Dane Wigington proved chemtrails to be real in ‘The Dimming’ documentary by flying into one, sampling the air with nano filters and verifying they contained nano sized aluminum and barium under an electron microscope.

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