Unmask the children

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On mobile there’s an issue in full screen, the video is zoomed in making texts unreadable. In that case you can download the video or watch it on BitChute.

An in-house production on the psychological and physical damage caused by masks and an appeal to stop masks on children.

The studies in the video can be found here.

The micro worms are real. My friends confirmed them on their masks in Belgium and posted their findings online. YouTuber Tim Truth was the first to compile a video of the incoming video evidence all around the world.

Testimonies from Irish children. [BitChute]

Don’t wear the mask.
Don’t test.
Don’t vaccinate.
Reject vaccine passports.
Stand for your rights.
Let’s rise together.


  1. I love this video. But please run it by a proofreader. I didn’t even look at it in depth but I saw several spelling mistakes and a horrible apostrophe error (apostrophes are not used for plurals!!) In trying to convince others we need the authority of correct language please! Otherwise a lovely piece – and lovely music – thank you!!!

    • Any idea where in the movie you saw the spelling errors?
      I could have made a mistake like that as English is not my native language and in my language we do have apostrophes for plurals.
      If it’s in memes, those come from the internet and sometimes have spelling mistakes.

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