The Red Wine Test: An easy method to see the microfibers

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The goal of this test is to prove the existence of biotech microfibers in our mouths.

Steps of the Red Wine Test

  1. Rinse your mouth with red wine as if it is mouthwash, for at least one minute, two minutes at max.
  2. Spit the wine in a dish or a bowl. The black clumps and strings are the microfibers we wanted to see.
  3. Throw rubbing alcohol them to see them move. This step proves it’s not pieces of food as those would not move. Isopropanol works too.
The Red Wine Spit Test: Explanation, microscopy & analysis. Footage from my test, done in December 2022.

The videos below demonstrate the microfibers moving when one throws rubbing alcohol on them.

What are the microfibers?

They are Morgellons fibers, biotechnology, synthetic biology.

They’re being deployed in chemtrails which means they end up in everything including water and food. That’s how they in likelihood got into our mouths, where they accumulate, travel to gut etc.

It’s the transhumanism agenda, that needs to stop as soon as possible.

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