| Finding one of the most censored websites about your BioAPI and electronic harassment

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The main goal of this post is to enable you to find a backup of

1. A direct backup of

A couple of pages of special interest to me (I use my own website as knowledge base).

2. A list of pages on, a website that published copies of pages.

3. In case all those links go dead, I saved the pages from and jammed them in the .zip file below.

Censorship was a relatively known name, for people researching gangstalking in the first place, but also chemtrails and Morgellons. There is no way nobody ever made a snapshot of the site.

However, when I searched for on, I saw this.

That was a first for me.
A site “excluded” from
Somebody really doesn’t want us to read this website!
I was at a dead end and let it go.
However, a fellow truther posted about it and put me back on track.


Summary of content

Gangstalking is when a group of people follow you around in everyday places, often with the intention to be noticed by you.

It is a psychological attack intended to make one feel uneasy and paranoid. Governments and people in power dabble in these practices, according to testimonies on the web. went further, and explained that Gangstalking had evolved way past that. I’ll summarize what I took from it.

Chemtrails install a BioAPI, also known as Morgellons, which gives ‘operators’ considerable control over human bodies and thoughts.

The practices are very effective against people, especially against those that are not aware of such technologies and practices.

In simple words, the chemtrails tech inside bodies is being remote controlled via cell towers, or other EMF devices, to manipulate, mainly through suggestions, beamed into people’s mind who think those are their own thoughts.

And, they use that weapon of manipulation to stage whole scenarios against targets for experimentation, monitoring, torture and other depravities.

Especially interesting, is the list where he (I assume) goes over example scenarios that operators create. He dismantles the whole thing, effectively arming targeted individuals (TIs) with knowledge that enables them to pull up mental barriers and defenses against psychotronic attacks.

It doesn’t stop there

I’m pretty sure your mind is blown already, mine was, yet dataasylum continues that these shenanigans are mere test runs. They are perfecting the system.

The goal is to roll it out worldwide. Operators will be replaced by the AI they helped to train.

AI, artificial intelligence, in this context is computer software, able to learn, which will monitor people and direct EM frequencies to the people it “manages” according to the parameters of its programmers.

Automated slavery and mind control, worldwide.


Now we understand why the website is censored so heavily.

It exposed the master plan of camp evil, like totally puts them on the street without pants.

We have to wonder, if the story is not real, just nonsense and fantasy, why did it have to be censored so much?

The picture is grim, but we have to remember, if people can build cell towers, then people can surely destroy cell towers.

On your way out

The story of Terry Davis is relevant to what we talked about here.

I think it is possible that Davis was targeted by an artificially induced Christian mission of God.

Again, weird and interesting.

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