The wonders and horrors of wireless technology

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Driving motivations for writing this article

  • Research shows health impacts caused by radiation from wireless devices and cell towers
  • The 5G rollout will cause an exponential increase in harmful wireless radiation exposure
  • Telecom industries and governments globally ignore concerns and research
  • 5G is a dream weapon for population control

What is wireless radiation?

Wireless radiation is the continuous flow of electromagnetic waves with frequencies that fall in the radio wave portion, or the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Electromagnetic spectrum

From the first mobile phones up to modern wireless technology, that equates approximately to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) between 450 MHz and 300 GHz (Wikipedia).

MHz and GHz stands for megahertz and gigahertz. Hertz means times per second e.g. 5 Hz is five time per second. Mega stands for million and giga for billion. WiFi for example operates at 2.4 GHz or 2.4 billion electromagnetic waves per second. Isn’t that crazy?

4G mainly operates between 0.8 GHz (equal to 800 MHz) and 2.6 GHz, up to 6 GHz.
5G mainly operates between 6 GHz and 90 GHz, up to 300 GHz.

Wireless radiation is non-ionizing radiation and causes harm as numerous studies have shown. More information regarding non-ionizing wireless radiation on EMF acadamy.

How does an antenna work?

It is helpful to have a basic understanding of how an antenna works. This video helped me a lot with that.

Electromagnetic waves

An electromagnetic (EM) wave is an invisible, spherical ripple generated by an accelerating electric charge. EM waves have fascinating behaviors and properties:

  • An EM wave consists of a changing electric and magnetic field at the same time.
  • An EM wave carries a force which can only be felt by other charges.
  • When EM waves hit a charge, it will cause the receiving charge to oscillate at the same frequency of the waves.
  • An EM wave, unlike most waves, doesn’t need a medium to propagate: it’s self-propagating, travels at the speed of light in a vacuum (space), and can go on indefinitely if it doesn’t get absorbed. At least, that is what mainstream science tells us. There are also scientists that think EM waves do travel through a medium called the aether. One of those was Nicola Tesla, the father of modern electricity and wireless communication. The concept of aether however has been deleted from science today but I digress.
  • The self-propagation is the result of the following chain reaction: a changing electric field causes a changing magnetic field, and a changing magnetic field causes a changing electric field.
    Tutorials point goes more in-depth in this video but as a beginner, it’s a good idea to watch the explanation by Khan Academy below first.

Note: Previous points are my understanding of mainstream science of electromagnetic radiation. However, there are people that say that there IS a medium EM waves travel through. Aether.

Electromagnetic waves and the electromagnetic spectrum, Khan Academy
Electromagnetic waves and the electromagnetic spectrum, Khan Academy.

Examples of EM wave generating entities

  • wireless antennas (How do they work?)
  • electrical installations in residential houses (cables in the walls, devices, 50 or 60 Hz ELF radiation)
  • heart pulses
  • brain activity

Theoretical model for telepathy

  • Person A is thinking. This creates many accelerating currents that travel through the axions in the brain.
  • Accelerating currents create EM waves.
  • EM waves can travel through matter so they travel away from the brain.
  • The axions in person B intercept the EM waves of person A.
  • Person B’s axions are electric conductors, so the waves of person A generate identical electric currents in his/her axions.
  • Now person B has physically the same brain activity as person B.

The visible and the invisible universe is electromagnetic. It’s vibrating all the time, everywhere, inside and outside all matter and in space. Electric entities can feel each other through EM waves. The atoms of the physical world, are held together by electric fields. The importance of electromagnetism cannot be overstated.

Wicked Truths

Health impacts

A lot of excellent information regarding health impacts of EM radiation is already out there. Let’s go over a selected few. The first three on the list each have a link to a research archive.

Jeromy Johnson

Jeromy is a civil engineer who worked as a manager in a large company in Silicon Valley. After he experienced EM radiation symptoms, he raised awareness via a presentation on TEDx and his website

A selected list of health impacts from his research archive:

  • The US NTP reported DNA damage in rats.
  • The Italian Ramazzini institute confirmed tumor manifestations and cancer.
  • 20+ research results reported sperm damage.
  • Endocrine system damage.
  • Heart arrhythmia and increased blood pressure when exposed to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Mechanism for non-thermal EMF cellular damage via voltage-gated calcium channels by Dr. Martin Pall.
Jeromy Johnson's talk on TEDx
Jeromy Johnson’s talk on TEDx.

BioInitiative report

BioInitiative is yet another extensive research archive that covers the health impacts of EM radiation.

5G Crisis

5G Crisis is an American non-profit organization that pushes back against 5G. They present another extensive research archive.

Devra Davis

Devra Davis is the founder and president of non-profit Environmental Health Trust (EHT). The EHT website describes her as PhD MPH. The University of Melbourne posted her talk about the dangers of wireless radiation on YouTube.

Blood cell damage

Smart Meters UK and Lena Pu demonstrated independently that EM radiation causes deformation, stacking and coagulation of red blood cells.

Smart meters communicate wirelessly. For many people, the installation of smart meters was a wake-up call because they caused complaints like headaches, insomnia, brain fog, depression etc.

The reason is two-fold: there are more wireless devices in their house emitting radiation, but more troublesome are the smart meter walls installed in the building, usually in a central location. People that live closest to the smart meter walls receive the most radiation.

Stop Smart Meters UK.
Presentation at Silicon Valley Health Institute, Lena Pu, 19/09/2019.


Health risks

The research shows that 4G has been wrecking havoc on our health. For a long time it went under the radar because people suffer from varying symptoms, depending on the exposure levels, health and electromagnetic sensitivity of the person. I think that the cancer and infertility statistics, which have exploded, can give us a sense of the magnitude.

The nature of 5G millimeter waves demands antennas (small cells) every 100 meter in the street, with frequencies that can go 100 times higher.

No wonder that common people, health practitioners, researchers and technicians label the rollout of 5G insane. A child can figure out adding cell towers with higher frequencies on top of the existing infrastructure, is a bad idea.

Still, industry and governments force this harmful technology upon the global population. We are under attack.

5G test runs with 26 GHz wreck health havoc in the Netherlands

Oxygen absorbs 60 GHz radiation causing respiratory issues

5G can broadcast at 60 GHz, which is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules.


According to the sources below, 60 GHz radiation interferes with the ability of hemoglobin to bind to oxygen molecules because it causes the outer electrons of oxygen to spin.

Hemoglobin transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. When this fails, respiratory issues and suffocation are possible. Do you remember the videos of Wuhan citizens dropping dead instantly in the streets?

That has never happened from any virus in history but it did in the first 5G city in the world, Wuhan. A test-drive with 60 GHz is far more plausible to have caused that than a virus.

RF enthusiast site has a technical article regarding the absorption rate of 60 GHz.

5G millimeter wave at 60GHz and oxygen absorption spectrum. [BitChute]
Harald talks about 60 GHz at 7m46s. [BitChute]

Population control weapons & surveillance

In this documentary, weapon specialist Mark Steele talks about the following weapon capabilities:

  • Active denial system (crowd dispersal), victims report it felt like their skin was on fire.
  • Invasive tracking, works in tandem with nano-sized metal particles inside our bodies.
  • See-through-walls imaging capabilities.
Politica from the Netherlands promotes 5G for drone control and its crowd dispersal capabilities
Politician Mona Keijzer from the Netherlands promotes 5G for drone control and its crowd dispersal capabilities (0:52).

They hide the 5G antennas

5G in LED street lights. [BitChute]
Kathrein Street Connect – antenna in manhole cover.


Cell towers irradiate the global population with harmful radiation. We were never informed about these harmful effects. We never gave our consent. The majority of people would not have agreed silently if they knew this information.

To date, the industry is claiming EM radiation is not harmful, ignoring 60 years of solid research. Despite the numerous voiced concerns of citizens all around the world, the rollout of 5G continued in 2020, while governments forced people to stay inside their house because of the corona crisis…

There is no issue with using technology, on condition that it isn’t harmful.

Cell towers cause harm, public wireless devices cause harm, your WiFi router causes harm to your family members and neighbors. Causing harm is wrong. If you want to continue in wrong action, it is your cross. When somebody causes harm to you, you are being wronged.

As far as I’m concerned, the right thing to do is to remove all cell towers and wireless devices in the streets.

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