Morgellon fibers & Morgellons disease


Definition, origins and observations

Morgellon fibers are microscopic, synthetic filaments present in the air, dumped by planes. The fibers have the ability to grow, outside or inside the body. They enter our bodies by breathing but also via food and water.

The phenomenon of Morgellons disease affects a small portion of people who’s bodies react more fiercely to the fibers. For them, the fibers grow out of their skin and cause sores and rashes.

Scientists drew startling conclusions after studying their patients affected by Morgellons disease. [BitChute]
Ulf Diestelmann’s investigation. Also on [BitChute].

Mainstream science denial

Doctors often regard Morgellons patients to suffer from “delusional parasitosis”, basically calling them crazy. They go on to brush of patients saying the fibers growing from the wounds are just textile, yet lab analysis cannot identify the materials.

Mainstream science “admission”

A study from 2018 admitted Morgellons is a physical disorder and not a mental disorder. Their further reasoning goes no further than stating they see something happen that look like a known spiral-shape bacteria from the Spirochete order.

If you look at photos from Spirochetes on the internet, you’ll find none of them resemble what independent Morgellons investigations are documenting, excellently I must add. Honestly, it puts the mainstream science community to shame. So much actually that it seems more likely they’re playing dumb, out of fear or for money perhaps.

Independent Scientists

Sofia Smallstorm is a scientist who did detailed work on chemtrails and the Morgellons phenomenon. She collected information and videos on her website

Clifford Carnicom is the first researcher who intensively investigated the chemtrail fallout and Morgellon fibers. He reasoned the global population should have Morgellon fibers inside their body by now.

Ulf Dieselmann‘s investigation, you can watch above, the video on the right.

Harald Kautz has the rare characteristic of being a hardcore scientist while still being able to think about questions with an open mind. His presentation will drag you way out there.

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