The red wine spit test: An easy method to see the microfibers

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The primary use of this easy test, is to prove the existence of these microfibers, often referred to as Morgellons fibers. My friends and I, each tested individually and we all had the same results. I discuss my results in the first video below.


  1. Fill your mouth with red wine and swirl around the wine for 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Spit the wine in a dish or a bowl, just a thin layer. You will see black clumps and strings in the wine. Now you are able to see the fibers that came from your mouth, or from the red wine, or both.
The Red Wine Spit Test: Explanation, microscopy & analysis. Footage from my test, done in December 2022.

Optional procedure

  1. Add drops of pure alcohol to the wine. In one video, the woman pulled it off with 70% alcohol.
  2. In areas where the alcohol meets the wine, the dark red clumps and fibers will start to move and squirm.
  3. Control: doing the same with wine that has not been in the mouth will not produce this phenomenon.

My friends did the red wine test with alcohol, just like the videos above, and observed the moving, squirming clumps and fibers on October 2022. The videos above are not theirs.

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