Dr. Erickson uses data from own health practices to conclude lockdown makes no sense

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Two doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, who own Accelerated Urgent Care and have a private COVID-19 testing facility, shared their statistics and conclusions on the test results.

The conclusion is: the infection rate is high (12%), the death rate is low (0.03%) – similar to the average death rate from seasonal flu.

Dr. Erickson concludes that the consequences of the lockdown are worse than the actual virus running its course and pleads to stop the lockdown as soon as possible.

Consequences of the lockdown: lowered immune system capacity, increased depression, increased suicides, increased household violence and the annihilation of the economic system. I’ll add another: the multiple violations of the constitution and human rights.

The only reason people put up with this tyranny is because of their fear of the virus. That argument has now fallen.


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