OSHA experts: masks don’t stop viruses and are dangerous

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OSHA stands for Occupational Safety Health Administration, and is a governmental organization responsible for safe working environments & conditions.

Speakers Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan are OSHA certified and deal with OSHA in context of their jobs. They themselves do not work at OSHA.

OSHA experts Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan talk about masks on Del Bigtree’s The Highwire. [BitChute]


  1. I was with them until they mentioned that wearing masks can increase the viral load. She just said the virus is too tiny and will pass through the mask. So how does the viral load increase? Does the virus somehow expand while in the mask? Without a host? then she says you breath back in what gets stuck in the mask. Seriously you have an immune system for a reason. Again, I’m supposed to believe that the bacteria multiply while they are ‘stuck’ in the mask?? Please.

  2. Also, someone much smarter than I please explain how cloth masks deprive you of oxygen? How do they increase CO2 levels? I’ve worn all types of masks over the past 18 months and some definitely do, but others – you would never know you had them on. I call bs on those comments that are only meant to cause fear in people that believe this nonsense.

  3. ‘May lead to adverse events’ does not mean that there will be adverse events. It’s like saying, if I cross the street, I may get hit by a car. Mike drop… seriously.

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