Former Vodafone boss blows whistle on 5G & Coronavirus

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If you’re dead-set on rolling out 5G and you know people will get sick and die, you need a scapegoat.

People will start asking questions. What caused it? What has changed? Before too long, people would make the connection to 5G going online globally in 2020.

I don't share the relaxed stance on vaccination. My stance is one should avoid it at all costs because it seems to be a key factor in merging man with machine. [BitChute]


The media and big tech decided one cannot speak about 5G & COVID-19.

YouTube will delete the video and probably your whole channel.

Facebook will have it fact-checked which hasn’t resulted in truth ever. The platform shadow-bans, or completely bans users that don’t follow their community guidelines.

The mainstream media ridicule the subject on every opportunity they get, calling it a “conspiracy theory”.

Google search results show mainstream media articles…

If you observe the lengths these people go, then you know you’re on the right track.

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