The viral David Icke interview on London Real

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The lockdown made a large part of conspiracy theories real. It makes sense to listen what arguably the most famous conspiracy theorist in the world has to say about that. Nobody then and still, has put together the information so clearly as he did. Respect!

David Icke deconstructs the corona crisis and the lockdown. Using the medical insights Dr. Andrew Kaufman shared with the world, he comes to the conclusion that a huge scam has taken place.

The scam needs to be revealed to the world because it will end the lockdown and the sinister plans that build further on it. Those plans include ever decreasing freedom, forced vaccination, a high-tech Orwellian police state, 5G and transhumanism.

The interview had 700,000 live viewers, ranking 2nd most watched live stream of that day. Approximately 9 hours after uploaded on YouTube, it was removed. Shortly after, Vimeo also removed it, ever confirming the tech giant censorship.

You can watch the interview on the London Real website.
The video quality is high but you’ll have the enter your e-mail address.

The interview is also available on Bitchute below but the video quality is less.


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