Definition, origins and observations

Morgellon fibers are synthetic self-replicating filaments that enter the body via chemtrails which replicate under the skin. Scientists say they cannot identify the materials the fibers are made of.

The phenomenon of Morgellons disease affects a small portion of people who’s bodies react more fiercely to the fibers. For them, the fibers grow out of sores and rashes. Regardless, Morgellon researchers are convinced all people have it inside their body by now.

Scientists drew startling conclusions after studying their patients affected by Morgellons disease. [BitChute]

Scientists and research

Sofia Smallstorm is a scientist who did detailed work on chemtrails and the Morgellons phenomenon. She collected information and videos on her website

Clifford Carnicom is the first researcher who intensively investigated the chemtrail fallout and Morgellon fibers. He reasoned the global population should have Morgellon fibers inside their body by now.

Harald Kautz has the rare characteristic of being a hardcore scientist while still being able to think about questions with an open mind. His presentation will drag you way out there.

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