Microscopic black “worms” found in masks and swabs all around the world


YouTuber Tim Truth was the first to compile an in-depth video of the incoming video evidence from all around the world. He has a decent track record with objective reporting and couldn’t ignore the creepy facts.

The seemingly synthetic worms react to heat and water (more precisely, pH is coined).
Water or moist activates them as we can see how one worm absorbs water and starts moving afterwards (at 2m00s).

Tim Truth micro worm video on YouTube.
Tim Truth micro worm video alternative on [BitChute]

The micro worms resemble the phenomenon of Morgellon fibers found in patients suffering from Morgellons disease. Independent scientists studied the fibers more than a decade ago. The micro worms in the masks seem to be Morgellons 2.0.

A hypothesis. The worms are micro robots with nanotech internals for tagging and tracing humans or other purposes.

Hot breath lures them out of the textile until they “stand up” facing the source of warmth.

Then, on inhaling, they go airborn and travel up the nose or nose cavity. Perhaps they are programmed to migrate to the brain.


  1. These are probably synthetic fibers that move due to electromagnetic forces generated from heat and are completely harmless

    • I think the guy in the video is effectively playing around with fibers, water and heat but to me the fibers look and behave different from the footage in the videos above.

      Onlookers have a mind of their on to decide for themselves.

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