Australian COVID-19 emergency legislation: removal of children & quarantaine camps


Removal of children

The government appears to think that writing some stuff on paper would allow them to kidnap our children.

You can verify the text in the picture above in the embedded PDF bellow or go to the same document on the official Australian government website.

The WHO was working the minds of the masses on the removal of children as early as the 4th of April 2020.

Quarantaine camps

Everybody who tests positive for COVID-19 will have to go to a quarantaine camp. If you refuse the test, you’ll be held in quarantaine for 14 days.
After, if you still refuse to take the test, you’ll be held for another 14 days.
If you’ll be able to leave after those 28 day isn’t clear. How will they be able to get you in a quarantaine camp if you don’t comply without violence?

Most people know by now there isn’t a real health crisis. Meanwhile, the government goons keep acting like there is. It’s very normal you don’t feel the need to play your part as a victim in this absurd and distasteful story.

New-Zealand politicians announce quarantaine camps and mandatory testing. Notice how the lady isn't able to suppress here psychotic sadism. [BitChute]

Martial law on 1st of October 2020

The vlogger from YouTube channel Cross The Rubicon received, according to him, credible information that martial law is coming to New Zealand on the 1st of October 2020.

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